Tell The World I’m Coming Home…

Oh! First things first! I cut my hair!

Woke up to my alarm clock, and put on an extra 20 minutes, but then I became nervous that I wouldn’t have enough time to do what I wanted… so I woke up, got ready, and cleaned the last few things before I locked the house up and off I went to the bus stop. I waited, and waited. I was super early, (as usual) so I waited a good 20 minutes. Of course I recognized everyone walking up and down from the Goetheanum, and I took one last look up at the large structure knowing it would be a while until I’m back. The bus came at 9:00am on the dot, and I boarded. Four stops later and I was at the Dornach-Arlesheim train station. It was a few more minutes until the train would come. Someone kept looking at me, and I recognized him, but we didn’t know from where. We didn’t say anything to each other tho. I’m sure we met at a past youth conference in Dornach.

The train arrived and for the first time in my life the ticket security men came by. Of course I had my ticket, but I was surprised! We arrived about 10 minutes later into Basel SBB and I went to get a tea. I’m not a tea drinker, but I really felt like one this morning. So I paid my 4 CHF, and drank it in the comfort of the smoke-filled, metal chair section of the train station. A little Philippine family came to sit near me, and it looked like the grandpa was trying to learn some English. He had a small English word book with the native Philippine language on it. It got too smoky so I found a new spot. Soon, that became too smoky as well. The track number came up with my Zürich Flughafen destination on it. I went down to track 12, and waited for about 3 minutes, and it arrived. I jumped in and found a comfortable seat.

Soon, a large group of loud, smoking, Swiss 20 year olds came to take up the same wagon I was sitting in. They took it all up. It was a big group. I love that once I’m immersed into Swiss German, I can actually understand what they’re saying. It’s hard when I’ve been in Germany for long, but after a few words back and forth I can understand.

We arrived in the Zürich airport, and I was told it was quite confusing, but I found it very easy! I checked my big red luggage and off I went through security. It was so easy and much less high strung than the American airports! I was in need of some caffeine, so I found a small cafe and had a pretty descent cappuccino. As I was just about to take a sip, I saw the walk from far away! I saw the black jacket, the grey pants and the big green backpack. I saw the glasses, but the bangs? No, it’s not Carolyn. But come on, it’s totally her walk! She came closer and I waved and waved and waved. Finally after about 30 seconds of waving, I got her attention and we ran to each other– it wasn’t slow motion… We found a small bench and sat down, me sipping my cappuccino and she talking about her highlights. It’s been since Prague that we haven’t seen each other.

By 13:35 the board would announce our gate number. B31. We went to find it, and sure enough, it was there! We talked some more and waited for Bridget and her brother to arrive. It was getting closer to boarding time, and still they were no where to be seen! I pictured the loud speaker announcing for them to please board. But they arrived in the nick of time and all boarded safely. I was seat number 24C. I was the last seat in the back of the plane, and I want to say I was sitting next to the Air Marshal. I had my suspicions. It was a tiny plane and all the seats were taken. Next to me, lying on a gurney, an older man lay who looked as though he had fallen, because he had scratches and bandages all over his body, as well as an IV drip. But he looked like he wasn’t in that much pain, as he could move without wincing.

The plane ride was uneventful and I was very proud of myself for not getting motion sick, especially on such a small aircraft. We landed and made our way to the gate. L45. We arrived and still had time to eat some food, then headed to boarding. We said goodbye to Bridget and her brother as they were flying into Boston, MA. It was a long long line, but we finally got through. I scanned my ticket and it turned red. I was escorted to the extra scanner. I was scanned again, and again escorted to random search and higher security. I waited in line and had everything fully checked! Feet, socks, shoes, body, bag. I was then safe to go. Poor Carolyn was not checked as she had green when she scanned her ticket. I got in the plane and found my seat. Carolyn and I were both in row 44, but different seats. I was originally in the middle of the plane with two random people beside me. But I saw that Carolyn was on the end of her side, and so I took the opportunity to kindly ask the girls who was at the closer end to Carolyn, if we could switch places. They were also traveling together, and one of the girls would have rather not, while the other one, with no hesitation at all gladly agreed. I took the nicer option. So now I am next to Carolyn with the aisle between us. We immediately got to chatting and began looking through the movie options. We highlighted four. We began with “Beauty and the Beast”. We decided to “watch together” meaning we put on the same movie, and pressed play at the exact same time. This was going great until the first course of drinks came around. The flight attendant asked me if I wanted champagne. I politely declined and asked for ginger ale. She then said cheekily, “well, it’s the same color!” I said it was, but I’ll stick with my ginger ale. Carolyn and I pressed play at the same time, and continued. Then the meal came and the same flight attendant said “I know what you want! You want the pasta!” I said that I would have the chicken one. She served it to me, and said “That’s a good choice. The chicken one is my favorite!” I smiled. She then asked about my drink preference again. “You want the diet sprite again?” I said I had ordered the ginger ale last time, and she said “Yes! You’re right! Now I remember!” She then said “I think you want wine! I’ll pour you some wine!” I said I didn’t drink alcohol, and she said “okay, fine, that’s fair…!” I had chosen Coca Cola this time. I ate and drank in peace. I guess my Waldorf upbringing doesn’t let me watch the screen while eating. So we paused together, and talked and ate. Flight attendant came by again, and I ordered a coffee. No alcohol was mentioned… We finished the movie, and now it’s bedtime. The window shades were closing, and I started to close my eyes a bit.

I slept for about an hour, and woke up to the strong smell of perfume! Why would you? Seriously?

During the flight, a girl in front of me had fainted and I notified the flight attendants, who came rushing to try and bring her back. She wasn’t waking up, and one of the men picked her up and quietly dragged her to the back of the plane… He did it so discretely and I was quite amazed! Perhaps 4-5 people noticed what had even happened. By the end of the trip, she was well again!

We landed safely, and the plane erupted in clapping! I got through security and got through baggage claim well. Ginevra was picking me up, and had a bit of a mix up, I was at terminal 1 and she was at terminal 4. But we met, and talked the whole car ride home. Now I’m home. I’m home where my memories of my childhood are. Home where my bed is, home where my pets are, and most importantly, home where I feel at home.

I will now finish these blog entries. I feel like this is a perfect place to end these adventures, joys, hardships and all around experiences that I will never forget.

I want to thank first and foremost, those who believed in me during my Eurythmy training. Those who I met along the way, and those who carried me and held on when I had my doubts.

I want to thank those who I met while traveling, whether they were people I would never see again, or those who I wish I had gotten to know better, but those were moments which were there for that time.

And lastly I want to thank those who I grew to know on very deep levels and feel like we had known each other from lives past. Those who I felt like we knew each other all the way through, and had never actually met for the first time, but met again this time around.

All the best to everyone, lots of strength, happiness and all I have to say is “be you!”


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