Double Birthday

The night before my birthday, Lucy and I made some dinner, listened to music and baked my birthday cake. We fell asleep quite late.

I woke up around 10:00am on Saturday morning and Lucy gave me my present and a beautiful card. I then had a piece of bread as we were going to eat later for breakfast. A friend of Lucy’s came over as well, whom I’ll call Nelly, who happened to have her birthday the same day, so we congratulated each other and headed out into town. There we wandered around the market and bought many things for our brunch.

The market was filled with so many kinds of fruits, flowers, meats, cheeses, small foods for snacks, and many more stands. It was very crowded and bustling! A very typical European morning market. It was beautiful. I wish I had taken a picture, but there was a beautiful stand with dried wreath crowns. They were beautiful! I wanted to buy one, but there was so much to hold already. There were small flower crowns for heads to large coffee table ones. It was exquisite. So many colors, and so many versions.

We kept forging our way through the crowds and kept buying things for the brunch. We made it out alive and walked back to Nelly’s house. There we set up all the foods and ate a glorious meal. Fresh fruit, yoghurt, breads, spreads, — kind of like what you only see in the movies, or on a normal Saturday morning in Germany!

Nelly’s cousin came by to celebrate with us, I’ll call her Ella. We laughed, talked, and talked some more. By the time we began to gather ourselves for the day, it was about 2:30pm. We cleared it all, and headed out to the train station. It was just Lucy and I as I needed to figure out my train back to Switzerland, because of all the train problems. We found an alternative! So then picked up a few things at the local DM, and called Nelly and Ella as to where they were. We wanted to go to the flea market, but it was unfortunately rained out. So we met up in a super cute cafe, which was filled with couches. It had a 70’s meets English tea house. We found a couch which was free and immediately made ourselves at home. Lucy got a vanilla chai latte which basically tasted like Christmas in a cup, and I got my go-to cappuccino! The other two came as well, and Ella ordered what Lucy had, and the Birthday girls with their cappuccinos. We talked and talked. Once we had enough, I had a small wish to walk the promenade, which is a beautiful walking path around the outskirts of city-center Münster. It’s beautiful! Filled with thick trees and brings a mood of being in a rainforest. The trees have adapted to hang together and bow over one another, giving the walker a thick shelter. It’s quite magical…

We also got caught in the rain a few times…

But we were greeted with a rainbow after. We travelled on to the Vietnamese restaurant. I ordered a Pho.

Unfortunately I didn’t finish it, and because I was leaving so early this morning, couldn’t pack it up… While in the restaurant, one of the waiters dropped a dish of food, and it got all over Lucy’s jacket and backpack. Lucy and I became quite tired as well and headed home around 9:00pm. We got back, and as always, got a burst of energy, and went Netflix hunting. We found a cute chick flick. Four hours later we finally fell asleep, and three hours later we woke up for my 6:31am train back to Switzerland.

We left at 6:00am and it felt so lovely walking through the silence streets, having that feeling like you’re sneaking away and no one knows where you’re going. We enjoyed that quiet that comes from no human contact. It felt so forbidden and so rebellious at the same time. I made it to the train, and here I write you from Germany!

I must be honest, I am looking forward to getting back to the American lifestyle and my home. But for now, I am so thankful for all the people and all the love that I received while traveling. As always many tears, many smiles and lots of laughing was also part of the package, but for the most part, it was the most magical time I’ve had in Europe.


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