Back to Switzerland!

I said goodbye to Lucy at the train, and sat down in a seat that looked like it would be free to ride in. Because the trains are not doing well at the moment in Germany, I was put in another train and off I went to Mannheim station. A few stops later some new people came aboard, one being a very sweet family with a boy about 11 and his sister about eight. Their mother was covered from head to foot in a black abaya which covered everything except her eyes. The son had enough of being with his family, and decided to come sit at the four chair table seat with me. Soon, his sister joined as well. She was teaching him English. She would start with the word in their native language and then point at the object and say “table!” It was very sweet.

A mother came onboard with her baby which looked a few months old. She was very proud of him! It was a very peaceful trip, and I found myself waking up suddenly when my head would take charge.

At 11:00am I arrived in Mannheim and I had a 23 minute wait. So I bought something for my stomach as it wasn’t feeling well at all, and used the WC. I ran up to track 8, and over the loud speaker I heard that the train was actually leaving from track 4. Good thing I was listening, and good thing I can understand german. I ran to track 4. The update on the board said it was delayed an hour, but I noticed the next train to come was also going to Karlsruhe, so I took that one. It was packed! I had to stand and hold on and make sure I didn’t fall onto the other people, while they were making sure not to fall on anyone either. Luckily it was a 45 minute ride. I got off and was told there would be a bus waiting to take people to Baden-Baden. But there wasn’t! So I went to the DB Reisezentrum and pulled a number. I was in 4 waits! I got to the counter, and was told there was a train in three minutes from platform 6. I ran! I made it! And the doors closed! Inside I happened to sit next to an old, hard-working man, who was ticked off quite easily. But, he ended up helping me and finding where to go to get the bus to Baden-Baden. The bus ride was packed, hot and the air was thick! We got off and I followed the boy with all the tattoos to the train. I boarded and found a four chair table seat and soon enough, a family came to take the other three seats up.

I arrived in Basel SBB and went to buy some food for dinner… got on the number 10 tram toward Dornach-Arlesheim station, but it stopped at M√ľnchenstein. I got out and walked to try to find a bus like they had had one time at Dreispitz, but no bus in sight. So I walked all the way back to the stop and got back on to the tram back to Basel SBB. I took the S3 from track 16 to Dornach-Arlesheim and just made the bus up to the Goetheanum stop. I was home! My hips were sore, my stomach was hungry, and my eyes were tired!

I’ll be in Switzerland again for a few days, before I fly back to the United States!


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