Walkin’ About

Last night, Lucy and I went out for sushi! It was great! We were going to go with someone else, but she wasn’t feeling well, so she went home. We arrived at the sushi place, and took a table that one had to sit cross-legged at. It was a challenge for me, but I figured out how to be comfortable. We talked and talked and talked– oh and talked some more! We got home pretty late and talked some more…

Today I decided to get up and out! So I left to go out into the wide wide world. I had remembered some small points while walking into town, and so I followed them. I came to the main walking area, where all the shops are, and was on the look out for some breakfast. It was quite late for breakfast anyway, but I found a chocolate croissant which was dry and gross, but ate it anyway! I walked around and around, and again, recognized spots from walking the the city in the days prior. It was fun to see all the buildings, and see the same stores like all the german towns have….

It was a perfect day! Not too cold, not too hot, not too sunny and not too grey!

This the the city hall! It’s quite famous in Münster.

I kept walking and walking, and then began to lose where I was. I didn’t know exactly, and it turns out I am so bad at directions and my internal compass is way off! So I thought I was going in the right direction, but turns out I wasn’t. So I got even more lost!

I found a store that I had recognized the name of, from when I first arrived in Münster, but the whole orientation perspective was so wrong that I was totally lost. Anyway, I finally looked on my little phone map, and found out that I was right around the corner of the place I’m staying at! Wow! Maybe my internal compass isn’t that far off at all! I was glad to be back and in familiar territory!

Home at last!

Lucy came back from work, and we then went out on the town. I met some of her coworkers and we had burgers, beers and I had a ginger ale and we laughed and talked the night away. At some point we played a few rounds of foosball. I lost!

Back through the city streets and home again!


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