Off To Germany!

I had packed most of my things last night, and fell asleep very late tho. At 6:00am my Tante woke me up and said that the trains to Germany weren't running! So she suggested I drive with her to Frankfurt and take a train from there up to Münster, Germany. I felt so dizzy and confused! I couldn't really stand and was so disoriented! I felt like I was waking up in some house somewhere I had never been in… but I stomped my feet a few times on the ground, and it helped. We packed the car, Sophie the dog, my big bag and off we went to Frankfurt! I slept for about an hour and 10 minutes, but was so overly exhausted and kept trying to find new ways to sleep…

We arrived in Frankfurt around 11:00am and dropped Melle off at the nursing home where she will stay for a few weeks. But first we had lunch, and then my Tante ordered a taxi for me to the Frankfurt South train station. The taxi driver was a bit sketchy, but I just had trust and watched out the window. I got to the train station safely, and tried to find the train that my Tante said would go to Münster. But I couldn't quite find any train that went, so I went to the information desk and they said I had to take the train to Frankfurt central train station, then transfer and take the other train to the Mainz main station. It was leaving in 2 minutes! I ran up the stairs and just made it! I rode for about 10 minutes and made it to the main Frankfurt station. There, I boarded the train to Mainz, with three minutes to spare! While inside, the ticket man came by and I became super nervous, I was literally shaking and probably as red as a beet! I didn't have a ticket to Mainz and I knew the Deutsche Bahn ticket wasn't going to work. I was thinking of all these stories and ways to get myself out of not having bought a ticket, but when he came the truth just spilled out! I told him exactly what happened, and in his thick dialect of a German accent kept telling me that it wasn't okay that I didn't have a ticket for the ride to Mainz, and that he's very unhappy and angry, but he'd let me ride the train to Mainz. I was so thankful! I had to keep from staring at his teeth when he spoke and concentrate on the few words I could make out….

I arrived in Mainz and saw on the board that there was a train from Mainz to Münster at 15:20pm. I was so relieved! But had to wait an hour and a half… I grabbed a Starbucks and sat down. While on the internet, I thought I would just check the trains again, and when I pulled up the information, it said it was cancelled! I couldn't believe it! So I looked at alternative routes and trains, and most of them had two or three transfers in between. I didn't want to do that. So I gulped my tea down, and went over to the DB travel center. I pulled the ticket and I was number N1506. It was at N1485. I thought it wasn't too bad, so I waited. I hope I'm not the only one, but I often watch the people behind the counter interact with costumers before me, and scout out which one I don't care so much for, and would rather not have to speak to. I saw one that was rather short with his costumers and slightly hoped I wouldn't get that one! I wanted the old man on the right who smiled from ear to ear. My number was called, and guess who I got? The young man who was rather short with his costumers. I told him my train was cancelled and that it was even cancelled from Mainz. He said there was no way, and so he checked and he said, "Huh! It looks like it's been cancelled for today!" Inside I just wanted to shake him out of his behind-the-desk attitude. But I calmly said yes, and asked for an alternative way. He printed out a new plan for me, and stamped my old ticket so that I could ride with this new plan and not pay. He said it would work! I said thank you and off I went to find a seat! But I had to wait another hour and a half…

While sitting, a lonely man came to sit next to me, and just talked and talked and talked. He wasn't bothering me, so I thought it was fine. He was talking about how children these days fear a lot more than children back in the day. He has a point… But it was getting a little too lecture-like, so I quietly got up and found a new seat. I don't think he even noticed I walked away.

I decided to get a toothbrush in the little convenience store across from where I was sitting, got my goods and guess who was standing in front of me? The young DB guy who helped me! He totally knew I was behind him, and was absolutely trying with all his might to hide from me. He paid for his MezzoMix and bolted out of there!

I finally saw the platform number for my train to Köln which was my first transfer. Once I boarded the train I finally felt like I could breathe. You know when you're stuck somewhere too long, with bad experiences? I just wanted to leave, I didn't care where, but I wanted out of Frankfurt! It's like I was stuck in a vicious circle of train hopping and train stations for the last week.
I made the close-call train, because it was delayed itself, so I was late for the next train… And I didn't make the one to Münster… it got exciting, found some food, a bathroom, took the next one that was going in the Münster direction!
So in the end, it took eight more hours than it should have!

But now I'm safe! Oh! This is Lucy, whom I'm visiting, and from my previous blogs!


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