It’s Been Relaxing…

Well… what a few days it has been! I have unfortunately been going to bed quite late this entire week, because of the cold that I had. And now I'm in a horrible rhythm…

But each morning when I wake up, breakfast is all ready for me, and my Tante makes me coffee each morning. She is so amazing! I feel like I am in a 5-star hotel. But I also try to help out where I can, so it's not just me lounging around all day. I also enjoy our cafe outings every afternoon, where we all choose a cake we wish to eat, and the drink of our choices. My Tante usually drinks a white wine, Melle drinks her usual Apfelschorle (which for Americans, we don't have, but imagine putting apple juice and Seltzer water together, but it's 100 times more amazing!) and I choose my cappuccino! In the evenings around 4:00pm we come home and my Tante begins dinner, which we eat between 5:00pm and 7:00pm. It's always a wonderful wonderful mix of many foods! She can cook like no one I have ever known! She puts so many different herbs and spices in, and adds touches of this and that, which makes the food taste like a 4 star meal! And she loves to cook! I am in awe!
We were having a conversation the other day on how many people my age, can't cook, either they never learned how properly (by their parents or in their schools) or they're too lazy. I will be totally honest with you, I am on the lazy side. If you want to eat "pop it in the oven pizza" or spaghetti everyday, then I'm your girl, but it's a tragedy how I also don't know how to make some simple dishes… more of that another time tho.

Dornach, (where I am exactly) is such a beautiful and peaceful place. I used to come every summer when I was quite young with my mom and sister, we would go visit my grandparents when they were still alive. It was always the best memories! Coming back, is always the best feeling, and so lovely to see it in new ways each time.

Sophie is my Tante's dog, and we've also started a walking rhythm where we'll walk up to the Goetheanum together, and around the neighborhood looking at all the "anthro wannabe" homes. It's sort of cool to see, but also trying too hard, and that's hard for me. Ugh! I'm so old fashioned…. We usually are out for about an hour and then head home after I am just dragging her along, and I can tell she's tired and upset.

Here she is in all her glory!

It's a very restful time here in Dornach, I can always feel at home and almost every time I come to Dornach, I meet someone I know from times past, while walking the paths! It's lovely….

I just went down to the Waldorf corner store and bought a few gifts, and while I was there, I kept wanting to buy more and more! Everything is just darling– expensive, well-made, but super good quality! So I made sure to keep it cheap– or for Swiss standards, cheap! I got to the register, and had mounds and mounds of change in money. The Swiss Franc has five Franc coins, which are bigger than ever, and I took out my money to pay the boy behind the counter for my things, and I was 7 cents too little, and being Swiss wouldn't give me a break and say it was okay. So I had to pull out the big bill and get all this small money back! Welcome to Switzerland! But hey, I think with many things, the American people can learn from the Swiss… but this isn't a blog about politics and how the world should be…

This afternoon we did something very different, we went into the super tiny town of Lörrach, and all the shops were same as in every german city! It was quite boring… We wanted to go to a small cafe, but it was closed for summer vacation, and so we ended up going to a fish restaurant. I ordered a fish with mushrooms, baked potatoes and a Coca-Cola. Hey! If you're wondering, the Coca-Cola's in Europe taste so good! Why? Because they use real sugar, not high fructose corn syrup, so now and then I get a Coca-Cola when I'm in the mood. But it really does taste better! Then we went back home! But Melle did a lot of walking today, and we're super proud of her!

Tomorrow, if the weather is good, we will go to the Black Forest for the day! I hope it is, as I haven't been there since 2004, so I'm looking forward!


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