Back to Switzerland

Wow! It has been a wonderful and beautiful time in Paris, I really feel like I can say I have been here. Unfortunately I got quite sick in my last two days while in Paris. I was constantly in and out of sleep. Its not fun being sick in an unknown city… I wonder as well, if I may be allergic to some plant or tree in Paris, as I would often sneeze and get watery and itchy eyes while out and about being a tourist. I never before had that happen to me… but I enjoyed Paris all the same!

This morning I woke up quite late, and because I've been sick, I've been sleeping early, waking up around 2:00am or so from sneezing, blowing my nose, whatnot, and then waking up very late as well. But I got ready this morning and cleaned the apartment where I was staying; reorganized my luggage, and once it was done, I realized I couldn't find my ticket! Shoot! Where was it? I checked in all my pockets, my suitcase pockets, and then I remembered I had out it inside a bag of stuff which was at the bottom of my suitcase! Of course! I fished it out and re packed it all. I headed out around 4:45pm to the Gare de Lyon train station. It was cold, wet and rainy when I arrived, but made it safely and tried to find a Starbucks or somewhere to buy coffee, but couldn't find one– or I wasn't in the mood for trudging my suitcase all about the station! So I sat on my suitcase and watched the people pass by. Around 5:45pm I went and found some food. As they always say "starve a fever, feed a cold"! I waited then to see the gate number where the train would arrive. It was number 11. I didn't want to be stuck with no space for my luggage, so I headed to the gate right when they called it, and on board I jumped! I was the first one, okay, good no stress. The moment I put my suitcase down, everyone and their cousin came on! Whew! Just in time!

Wow! I've either been traveling in cars or in buses, and wowee, am I happy to travel with a train. Comfort, no jerky driving, quiet…. it's great!

Little gift while riding the train….!

*Side Note*
As I'm sitting on the train, cows, fields, hills and clouds are passing me by, I peer over to my right, and there's a beautiful mother with her daughter around the age of 9, both asleep. When they entered the train they looked absolutely beat. The daughter tried to help her mother find the seats, but both of them seemed distracted with other thoughts. Finally the little girl tugged on her mother's arm and said she found them. I don't know what their back story is, but they looked like they had been through a lot. They sat down, settled themselves and ate together, smiling and speaking in French. Now they're passed out, the daughter's head upon the mother's shoulder, and I hope both are dreaming of what's to come for them both. It's a beautiful picture!

We arrived in Basel SBB about 9:20pm and I walked to the tram, to the bus and am now home safely at my Tante. Coming home from a long journey and having someone warmly wrap you in their arms is the best feeling one can imagine!


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