Paris – Day 4

Today I didn't need to wait for a doorbell, but somehow one rang and woke me up. It was the guy from yesterday. I packed my things and headed toward the Eiffel Tower. Today I was going to climb it.

But before that, I can stay longer in Paris! Woohoo!

I headed out toward the metro and got off at the Louvre station. The stop I know best. I walked all the way to the Eiffel Tower along the back roads of Paris. It's gorgeous. I had a great happy and comfortable feeling coming over me and got excited about trying to climb the biggest structure in Paris. The line was rather long, but I was in the first section of security within half an hour. It's not scorching hot, and there's a big wind, so it's very pleasant to stand in line!

Well, up and up and up and up I walked. I should have brought water with me, and have eaten more… I was quite faint. But I reached the first floor (which is the second floor for American standards).

Then I climbed up, up, up, and up again… and got to the second floor.

There, I saw the longest line to take the elevator up the rest of the way, and asked an English speaking family where the line began, they said they didn't know, but I could jump in with them. They're from Michigan. Waiting, standing, two steps, waiting, standing, two steps. But we finally got into the elevator and it just kept going up and up and up and up. My ears were popping a bit, but it wasn't wiggling like the Empire State Building does…. and it's a lot lower than the Empire State Building, maybe that's why.

The experience was impressive, but I knew I wasn't up as high as the Empire State Building, you could still see the cars and people quite well. But it was high enough. I actually became a bit sick, but continued my way around the top the Eiffel Tower. It's 280 meters up, that's about 918 feet, for us lovely Americans who are one of the only countries that uses this silly measurement. I found my Michigan folk again, they took pictures of me for me, and they're names were Amy the mom, Claire, Jack and Lulu. Very easy names to remember!

I stayed up there, while the wind danced around me, and many languages were passing me by.

After about half an hour up on top, I began going down, again, the elevator to take us to the second floor and then the stairs which brought us to the first. The stairs going down are just as strenuous as going up…

I ended up finding a new way home, and on the way, purchased a ticket back to Basel for August 8.


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