Paris – Day 2

I was told some friends of Elena were going to come by the apartment around 10:00am this morning, so I readied myself before they came, and by 10:20am one of the two had come. She was carrying two large travel backpacks and looked exhausted. She spoke a little bit of English. She mentioned her other friend was no where in sight, and so she went out to go look for him. About 20 minutes later, they both came back, and he spoke very good English. He mentioned he'd been in Australia for the past while., and that he had just arrived from traveling! What a long way.

I left the apartment around 11:30am and tried to get into the Louvre, but it was the longest line I had ever seen in my life. I had no patience! Earlier a friend had mentioned that near bye there was a Dior exhibit, just down the street from the Louvre. So I stood in line and was quite excited to go in. I entered and it's like the air was taken up! It was so stuffy, hot and thick inside, I was having trouble breathing, but I tried to enjoy it anyway! I did, it's true, and you should read a biography on Christian Dior, he sounds like an amazing man! I will read one when I am back in the U.S.!

It was also beautiful, as they had two seamsters giving a small talk about how the dresses and clothes for Dior are made. I didn't understand a word, but I was truly excited to stand and see the examples they were showing. It was the visual examples that made sense to me. For all couture seamsters and seamstress' they don white "science lab" coats. It truly is a science and a lovely one at that! I would love to go to a real Atelier and spend a week doing an internship or something so I could learn new/more sewing techniques and about fashion itself!

*Side Note*
I'm sitting in a beautiful library over looking the streets below, and I'm lucky to have it near my home stay, but something beautiful happened, as I am sitting here looking out the large window. A blind woman with her lead stick came across the street and a few times, the lamp post, then the fruit stand found themselves in her way, and within about five seconds, an older woman carefully came up to her and they conversed for a moment, then lead the blind woman to the escalator down to the Metro. I find it wonderful when good people do good.

Back to Paris today, once I excited the Dior exhibit, I was on the prowl for food. Across the way was a Starbucks and I ate a wonderful mixed salad with eggs, rice, spinach and onions! It had a sort of middle eastern vibe to the meal. I also got my usual frappuccino. I sat there for a bit while people watching…

I feel here in Paris there is a certain sense of quiet. Yes, there's tourists, but it's very different than Italy. In Italy, I get a feeling of constant people hum, but Paris has something of a quiet, stately people buzz to it. It had a soft quality which other cities I've been to across Europe doesn't have. I need to observe it more, but that was something I picked up while being here for the past two days.

I found another post office, finally mailed more postcards and off I went toward home.

I hope to make it to Chatres tomorrow! That's very important for me to go! I will do whatever it takes to get there!


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