Paris – Day 1

Woke up pretty late– I was exhausted from traveling and listening to another language. But I got ready and was out of the door by 11:00am. I walked to the "Olympiade" metro station and took it to "Pyramides", thinking I was going to take the 7 to Notre Dame, but instead found myself at the Louvre. It was closed today, but I took some great pictures!

Then I saw the Eiffel Tower from a distance, and walked toward it. It was quite a walk! I walked along the Seine and enjoyed the view…

I made it to the Eiffel Tower and was in awe how it big it was! The base of the entire thing sits on four large bases which consists of stairs and a lift. I was pretty impressed!

There was a massively long line, so I decided not to go in it. But I was amazed at the architecture as well. I walked along the grassy part and here is the Eiffel Tower from a distance —

I lay on the grass for a while, one so that my little hips could realign and so that I could just take in what I saw.
By about 1:45pm I knew I needed some food, so I found a small sidewalk panini stand, and enjoyed a warm panini. Either I was starving, or it was very tasty, could be a mix of both, but it was quite good "street food"!! I began to make my way back toward the Louvre where I began, but got quite lost. But I knew the Seine was to the left of me, so I walked the streets of Paris and came to love all the small side streets. At one point a street cleaning truck came by and I became fascinated how they jut out water very quickly, and as I was watching, I wasn't watching where I was going, and I banged my head full on into a lamp post! I immediately got super dizzy and light headed. But someone had seen me bang my whole self into this lamp post and began to crack up. I laughed along, but man, it hurt! She asked me if I was okay, and I told her I was, but I felt pretty headachy… But hey, at least I wasn't on my phone..
I found the nearest post office and wrote some postcards back home to the U.S. As I was writing, I kept making spelling mistakes and thought perhaps that my little head got a bit jostled when I hit it. My headache hurt more and more, so I decided to try and find the nearest metro and go straight home.

I got home safely, and had a wonderful dinner with my host, whom I'll call Elena.


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