Off To Paris!

Woke up at 7:45am… I kept hitting the snooze button. I was exhausted, but I pulled myself out of bed, and went over to my Tante to get my FlixBus ticket. We ended up seeing other options to get to Paris, but because I hadn't bought a ticket months beforehand, so all the trains said I couldn't book a ticket so close (day of) to Paris. So I ended up buying a 9 hour bus ride to Paris.

In the end, my Tante drove me all the way to Basel SBB where my bus was to depart from. It was absolutely kind of her. I arrived around 9:00am in Basel SBB, and bought some breakfast. I waited around a while, and guess who I saw? Niklas! So we just talked about our further adventures and all the great things about the youth conference. By 10:00am I went to the bus, got on and since then had been having bouts of car sickness… It got better toward the second half of the trip.

We then arrived around 19:15 in the FlixBus bus station and right away the French were so friendly and helpful. They saw I looked lost, and so a couple asked if I needed help. I told them I needed to get to the metro and they even allowed me to take a picture of a map of how to get there from their phone. It was very generous!

As I was walking toward the metro, it began to down pour. But it's just water, right? As I was trying to find the metro, there was a free piano that one could play. I almost began to play, and right before setting my things down to play, someone jumped on the bench. He played for a while, so I didn't get time to play. I then walked toward the station, but it was not open, and I ended up with a little family, and once we figured out it was locked, I walked back to the main station to go see about other ways to get there, and as I was walking back, the young boy from the family came running up to me, and said they found the main entrance to the station! I found it beautiful that his mother sent him all the way about a block to go get me. He was very cute and willing to help, even tho we didn't speak the same language, but I was amazed!

I made it to the apartment, and had a wonderful dinner with my host. It's hard, there's a great language barrier, so it's hard to join in and talk. But they're very sweet and open. I pretty well fell asleep as soon as I got into bed. I was exhausted!

More about Paris tomorrow!


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