Tagung – Last Day

Woke up this morning at 6:45am and got dressed. Guess who I saw patiently waiting for me? Lucy! We ran down to the train station with all her stuff and got on the bus just in time. It's funny, you can see all the people running from all over to catch the bus to go up to the Speisehaus.
Breakfast is always a wonderful time to meet people and to get to know new faces. We have an impressive array for breakfast each morning… All sorts of bread, jams, butter, chocolate spread, fruit, yogurt, coffee, teas, honey, Ovalmaltine, basically any breakfast stuff, and it's there.. vegetarian tho.
We've been spoiled….

At 9:00am we had our singing warmup in the West entrance of the Goetheanum and it was beautiful! We listened to a lecture and then began our workshops again today. We worked on the Griffins, Sirens, Nymphs, and Sphinx's. It was so wonderful to get indications and really understand what the did what they did!
We finished the workshop early and then, because the room was free, I played about 45 minutes of piano up in the South Atelier of the Goetheanum. It was beautiful to play in such a large open room, and with a piano that was easy to play!

Lunch, and then chatting with friends. I hung out with Niklas and we spoke about Faust, and he would always tell me things if I didn't get it, as well as wake me up during the play when things would get exciting… I tended to sleep a lot when just two people were on the stage (and if you know me well, I can sleep in any position at any time of day). So I could easily fall asleep in the tiny Goetheanum chair. Not a problem!

The afternoon was filled with so much Eurythmy and I was awake for it all! Dinner came at 4:45pm, and at 5:30pm, I went to get my things at the Birseck Waldorf school with my Tante.

We've got the top down! We ride in style…

It's been a beautiful and wonderful time! I came to learn to be more courageous about introducing myself and putting myself in. I think Lucy helped that quite a bit! She's someone who is just open a friendly with everyone, always including everyone — not your typical german. Haha. I was so glad to be a part of something that I felt I could have in my future, and be able to meet real human beings, and open people who know who they are and are true to themselves and others. It made me feel so full of energy and so full of happiness!

I have already been told I need to visit them while I'm still in Europe, but tomorrow I take the 10:00am bus to Paris!


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