Last Two Days

I woke up yesterday at 6:45am and got ready to make it to the 7:25am bus up to the Speisehaus for breakfast. It's been great, we have a private shuttle bus that takes us from the Aesch Birseck Waldorf school up the bijungo hill every day, and even back down at night. So at 9:00am every morning, we have warm-up which we sing for half an hour, and then begin the lectures. So far we've have two lectures each every morning, and then yesterday morning at 11:00am we had lunch. But no one was hungry! So we ate a bit, but I couldn't get too much down. Then at 1:00pm the Faust began! It was great! What an experience! It's absolutely amazing what they can do!

I've made good friends. Two in particular, one I'll call her Lucy, and comes from northern Germany, and the other Niklas from Germany as well. It's been great!

There's a lot of sitting! A lot of eating, and a lot more eating! Before lunch, at 11:30pm we had our workshops. I of course signed up for the Eurythmy workshop! It's with a eurythmist from the stage group here, I'll call her Maria. It was so great! We went thru all the Eurythmy in the Faust up to what we've seen, and as to why they do what they do. It's quite quick, but the workshop is only an hour… so we have to get it done quickly!
Today lunch was at 12:30pm which was a lot better. At 2:00pm the second play of Faust began! It's filled with such amazing sound effect, costumes and stage work. The sets are out of this world, and effects as well! But it's a lot! And we still have more….


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