Tagung – Day 1

Today was pretty exciting! I woke up, and was too tired to go to my Tante for breakfast, so I slept and at 12:00pm went for lunch. The elderly neighbors were invited again. We spoke about nature today.
I had received an email from my youth conference about where to bring our things and at what time. So after lunch, I drove with my Tante to drop off my suitcase and bedding down at the Birseck Waldorf school. It's all the way down the hill and quite complicated to get to. But we found it, and found "Schlafzimmer" on one of the doors. The entire hallways had doors going off it with signs that said "Schlafzimmer" on them. I chose the first one. There was already two mattress' set up, and two sleeping bags neatly displayed on them. I chose the far left corner of the classroom. I set up my bed and dropped my suitcase next to it. My Tante and I drove back to her house. I lay down for a bit and at 4:00pm we (my Tante and Melle) went out to a small cafe. It was called the Inka Café. We all had a piece of pie. I chose the blueberry one, my Tante chose the chocolate one and Melle chose the one with lemon and traces of liquor. We left after we had eaten our fill, and since the cafe was in Germany, we had to go over the border again… So far they haven't stopped us.

I then went up to the Goetheanum to get myself acquainted with the Tagung. I got a goody bag filled with information and Weleda products. It was great! Around 6:30pm I bought a salad and worried that it was probably the last bit of food I'll eat for the rest of the night. It was true. I went out to the benches at the South entrance and met a few young people who are also doing the conference. It was about 7:30pm when we headed up to the Grosser Saal and had a lecture about Faust, by Martina Maria Samm. It was basically a lecture on what the play was, so I would call it a spoiler lecture. I was a little disappointed. She basically spoke about her own experiences and what she felt about the play, and to support what she was saying, she'd always quote the play. I tried not to listen too hard. At 9:15pm it was finished and we convened and went on the shuttle bus which took us down to the Birseck Waldorf school. We got dropped off, and we walked across the train tracks to the school. Once inside, I went up to my room, and some people piled in as well. It was fun. We slowly introduced ourselves and I was surprised how shy I was. I didn't think I was so shy, but something kept holding me back to "get into the group". Other people just put themselves in. I couldn't. So I became a part of the group after someone asked if I wanted to be. But basically everyone else just jumped in. This is good practice for me to be more "mutig". We ended up playing the German version of Mafia. I survived twice.

You know when there's a large sleepover, there's always that one person who needs to ruin it? Yea, we have that person in our room. He was annoyed that we were playing the game, and we tried to invite him, but he said he wanted to sleep, and wasn't happy that we didn't want to go to sleep yet. Yeah, I guess there's always that one person….


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