The Spider Story

I was having trouble going to sleep last night, I had my bedside lamp on a few times going on and off as I tried again and again to sleep. But nothing was working. After a while of just lying in the dark thinking about life, people, friends, my new friends I'll make at the youth conference, I decided one last time to try and read, perhaps that would get me to sleep. I looked at the time and it was already 1:45am, but I turned my light on, and opened my book. I immediately became fixated on the object that clung to the ceiling above me. It was brown, had six legs and was a little larger than the circumference of an American quarter dollar. I froze. I stared at it for quite some time. I inwardly shivered and slowly closed my book. I sat up in bed, and continued to stare at it. I was in disbelief. I couldn't fathom the fact that it was that big. I had never seen a spider so big. It just decided to fasten itself to the ceiling and sit. I thought of many ways of expelling it. First, I thought maybe going to get the vacuum cleaner would help. Take off the rug extension and use the tube part to get it down into the tube. No, it would make too much noise, even without turning it on. Mom is sleeping in the next room… Next idea, was to get a glass cup, a piece of paper and take it out humanely. Nope, not going to get near it. Next idea, ah! I'll use the "Faust" pamphlet and throw it up to the spider. I folded the thicker paper pamphlet in half and threw it at the spider. Good hit! I touched it, but it moved about 3 centimeters to the right. It continued to cling to the ceiling. I realized it made quite a noise when the hard paper hit the ceiling. I somewhat regretted it, and hope I didn't wake the people upstairs from us. No noise, okay, good! Hmmm… the paper didn't work! I sat there still trying to brainstorm my next move. While thinking, I continued to stare at it. It was brown, had six legs and was a little larger than the circumference of an American quarter dollar. Oh! Let's see what's in the closet, maybe there's an old pillowcase I can use to whack it down… I got up, and quietly walked over, opened the creaking closet and didn't find anything that I could whack the spider with. But up on the top shelf, there was a yellow pillow about the size of a fruit pie along with a white pillow the same size. I took the yellow pillow down from the shelf, as it was the easiest to access, and I slowly walked toward the spider. I didn't dare get too close. I threw it up, and it hit the spider! Wow! I should have gone out for basketball, my aim is pretty on point! But it didn't budge. It still clung to the ceiling! The sound of the pillow hit with a thud, and it fell a few inches in front of me, as I looked at it in disappointment. I stared at the spider. It was brown, had six legs and was a little larger than the circumference of an American quarter dollar. My next move also didn't quite make it. I thought perhaps a towel, but then I came to the conclusion that I didn't want spider remains on a potential towel that could be used in the future. Mission failed. I sat back down on my bed and thought of plan "M". Oh! I'll go get a broom from the cleaning closet! Yes! It has a long handle and I don't need to get close. Wait! That means I need to walk under where the spider is. What if it jumps? That would be the scariest point of my entire life for me. I took a step, not letting go of looking where the spider was. Stuck to the ceiling. I backed up, heart beating… I tried again, nope! Not going under the spider. No way! But I didn't want to wake up with it in my bed or not having whereabouts on it's next move. So I took the plunge, and ran under it. Success! It didn't move! I stared at it. I went into the kitchen where the broom was, and it was between a wooden broom or a yellow metal one, which was unattached to the brush part. I tried to screw the pole into the brush, but is screamed and squeaked. Mom made a turning noise in her bed. I opted for the wooden one. The one with all the previous spider webs on it. I came back into my room, tip-toeing through the hallway on the way, and I stared at the spider again. I took the broom in both hands, turned it upside down and jabbed the spider! It was a strange result. It was as if it was attached to a spider web thread and it slowly came down. I saw it coming down slowly, and it hit the floor and was motionless. Did I squish it too hard? Why did it go down so slowly? Anyway, I lay there on the dark blue rug, I could hardly see it. But it didn't move. It's legs looked as though they were severely uncomfortable, and it was as still as stone. I took the broom and began to see if it would move. Nothing. I then made sure it was fully dead, and began to push it toward the door so it could go out. It got stuck at some point in the tassels of the rug, and I lost it. The last thing I wanted was it to be pretending it was dead and start crawling toward me in later as I slept, out of revenge. So I kept pawing the tassels with the broom and eventually it came out. Still in the uncomfortable-looking form. Yay! It's not lost. I continued to sweep it toward the door and because there was a small step before you go outside, it was almost impossible to get the spider over the little barrier. But I tried, kept sweeping, and finally at some point, it made it over. I saw something dark on the cement step outside and went back to my bed to get my phone to use the flashlight to really see if it was the spider. I turned it on, and sure enough, the dead spider! I left the broom outside, closed the door, and finally fell asleep.
When I awoke, at 11:30am, the first thing I went to see is if the spider was still on the stoop outside. It wasn't! Where did it go? Did it come back to life and go off? Was it truly playing dead the whole time I was fussing with it? Did the wind pick it up and take it? Whatever happened to it, I hope it found a more welcome home, and won't come back with his amigos for revenge!


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