Last Few Days….

The last few days have been quite relaxing. On Monday, I woke up and made myself some bread with pesto that I bought while in Germany. At 12:00 midday I went over to my Tante where she was having lunch with two elderly neighbors. One whom I'll call Fr. Day and the other whom I'll call Herr Dr. Schnei, came over and we had pasta with zucchini, string beans and spinach balls. We spoke about medical things, as Herr Dr. Schnei is a psychologist and my Tante was a chemical engineer, so it's all up their alley…

Once lunch was over, I went to rest downstairs in the guest room, and I woke up at 5:30pm. I woke up again, surprised with myself, but I also feel like I shouldn't be surprised anymore… We had a small dinner and then my Tante said I could sleep in the guest room if I wished to for the night. So I brought over a few essentials and turned on a movie. I watched "Meet the Millers." It's a very silly movie… someone recommended I watch it!

The next day, I got up, and had breakfast with my Tante and off we went to clean the apartment where I have been staying, as my mother was coming home that day from her two weeks in Finland. We moved furniture, we vacuumed all the cobwebs (I have never seen so many), washed down surfaces, moved all the old plates, and trinkets to cupboards, and as a final, vacuumed the floors. It really shines now– shines to the extent that it can, for such a place. Turns out we ended up cleaning the small bedroom, the kitchen and the bathroom as well. Right as we were finishing, I heard a familiar voice, and sure enough, my mother had arrived! It was about lunch time, and we went over to my Tante for lunch. Soup and salad. The afternoon was spend walking up to the Goetheanum to retrieve my ticket for the youth conference, and all the way back down to go get a few essentials. Fruit, meat, drinks and toilet paper. On our way back up, we stopped at a bench, (the Swiss are amazing at putting resting points along any walking streets, or paths!– it's great!) we were met with an orange tabby cat. He came running toward me and I picked him right up. He snuggled into me and was excited to have contact. But one thing was strange about this cat, it didn't have a tail! Turns out it broke and fell off. (We asked a woman who pulled into the parking lot across from the bench if she knew what happened…).
We made it back home and went over to my Tante for dinner. Leftovers.

Today, which is Wednesday here in Switzerland, I woke up quite late and collected my laundry which had been drying in my Tante's basement, and went back over to my family's apartment. I slept for a bit, made lunch, and then at 3:00pm met up with an old time friend. We went out to a small cafe and talked about life. It's been a great day and more tomorrow!


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