Switzerland – Day 1

I woke up at 9:30am to an alarm– which for me as of late is early! By 10:00am I went over to my Tante for breakfast. It was a great one! Jam, home made, juice, very strong coffee and yoghurt with berries! It was quite yummy! Especially the homemade jams. We then sat around and talked a bit. My Tante has her own aunt living with her, her name is Melle, and she's in her early 90's. Last time I met Melle, I was quite young, and she was still very awake and aware. Now she is slower and doesn't remember who I am in about 15 minute intervals. "Wer isch das den?" My Tante will always say "Rebecca!"
"Ahhhh! Ja! Kenne ich!" Says Melle. Every 15 minutes or so, she says that…

I met up with a friend for lunch, and ate some quiche and salad– there was a dead fly in my salad, so I exchanged it for another salad. I haven't seen her in about 2.5 years and was nice to catch up!
By 2:20pm we parted ways and on my way down from the Goetheanum (where I ate lunch) someone stopped me and asked me if I was in the stage group here in Dornach. I said no. She looked at me for a second, and said "are you sure?" And I said, I'm sure! She said, "But you study Eurythmy, right?" And I said yes. She smiled and said "Yes! I could tell the way you walked you were a eurythmist!". I have no idea who she was, but she was excited that I was studying Eurythmy.

I arrived at my Tante's house around 2:30pm and off we went to an English tea house, with my Tante and Melle, in Germany! It was called, Landhaus Ettenbühl. It was very sweet! I had a great raspberry ice cream!

It was great! The ice cream in Europe is real ice cream, and not super fake, so I actually like it. It's a gorgeous rose garden and full of roses, but it's not really the time of year for roses…

There was a small shop filled with rose-infused products, jams, teas, chocolates, wines, everything!

It was a good afternoon, but I became extremely tired on the car ride back, perhaps because I woke up "so early".
I'm very happy to be in Dornach, and excited to see someone new I know everyday!


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