Last Day in Germany

We woke up leisurely and were joined by Kristen's older brother and his girlfriend at the breakfast table. We spoke about American politics, how Americans see Germans, and how Germans see Americans. It was a hot topic! We then gathered our swimming things and went out to swim, to a new place, again!

It was a beautiful lake hidden inside a quaint forest. The water, however, was quite brown, and I later found out it was due to the amounts of iron in it. It was a cold swim! The sun hasn't quite warmed the waters yet… We spent most of the afternoon there. At one point I was lying on my towel, when I turned to my left and there was a little curious face looking at me! I jumped, as it truly was about a foot away from me, and I then began to feed it.

Very friendly little one! By 4:30pm or so, we headed back to the car and made our way into Wangen. There, we were met with a band playing upon a stage, and were later joined by dancers. We had dinner at a small bakery called a "Fidelisbaeck". It was quite good! By 6:30pm we left and drove to the Wangen Waldorf school, where they were having the 12th grade play.

It was called "Der Gute Mensch Von Sezuan." (The Good Person from Sezuan). I didn't get a lot of it, as they spoke quite quickly. After the play was over, I ended up talking to one of the actors in the play, (I'll call him Luca). He seemed to have some acting skills, but is apparently not interested in acting! We got to talking quite a bit, and he crinkled his nose when I told him I studied Eurythmy…. he is also a Waldorf kid from day one!

It was 11:00pm by the time we left the school, and made it home in time before the rains began…


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