Back In Switzerland

Woke up leisurely, again– had a good German breakfast again with cold cuts, orange juice, bread, Nutella, jams and butter. I had to leave by 3:00pm for the bus, as we wanted to do a little shopping before I went back to Switzerland. But before that, I helped Kristen organize and make a "Putzplan" which she and her siblings will start, beginning tomorrow!

Once it was 2:15pm, I quickly packed my things, said goodbye to Joe and her older brother, whom I'll call Keith, and we were out by 3:00pm. We arrived at the FlixBus parking area around 3:30pm and went into the adjacent shopping center. We first went to buy some food for me, because it's much cheaper to buy food in Germany than Switzerland. I bought things that wouldn't spoil in hot weather, noodles, canned things and chips. At 4:44pm, the bus came and said my goodbyes to Kristen and was so thankful for everything!

The bus driver was very cool, and friendly! We drove for about 1.5 hours and we hit the Swiss border. The Swiss border patrol pulled us over and two men came on. We all pulled out our passports and everyone was clear. We drove on into Switzerland. The pastures, the cows, the small huts and chalets remind me of my summers in the alps. It's a beautiful country! We arrived in Basel quite early actually, and they dropped us off at a pretty confusing spot. I had to figure out how to get into the train station. I could see it perfectly, as it was right in front of me, but up high. So I walked, I sort of followed a man who looked like he knew what he was doing– only to realize he looked just as lost. So I turned right and just kept walking… I finally saw some escalators that sort of jutted out into the street and they travelled up into some unknown beyond. I took them. Yes! It was into this massive, gaping portal of a train station! Once I got in, I instantly recognized it, and a wave of comfort and warmth came over me. I smiled a little, happy "to be home". I made my way with conviction, happy to know where I was for once… I made it out to the trams and knew it was the no. 10 toward "Dornach Bahnhof". I got on, and no sooner had I gotten on, the loud speaker said that it only went to "Dreispitz", today, on Saturday. Of course! I thought. I got out at "Dreispitz", and was quite confused, but again, found the crowd of people, and followed them. Yep! They knew best! Around the bend, there sat the bus that would take us to the "Dornach Bahnhof"!
I got on and it stopped at every corner. It took a while. Got out and took the no. 66, and it went all about town again. As I was in the bus, I saw someone walking toward the bus direction, and I came to recognize it was Virginia Sease! I waved frantically, and she waved frantically back! Ahhhhh… it's good to be home! (Virginia was the head of the Vorstand at the Goetheanum – she has since retired). That made me very happy!

I got off at the "Goetheanum" stop, and made my way up the small hill to my aunt's house. She welcomed me in, and immediately began to feed me. She's great at that! I'm never hungry when I'm with her. I had sushi, a pretzel with butter, some cake– it was a feast! She had a friend over, and we spoke for over an hour about American history. Both my aunt and her friend thought there was 54 states! I reassured them there were 50, but they googled, and her friend said "nope! You're wrong! There's 51!" I said that couldn't be. She then read the article further, and it was that the editor of this article added Canada as a state, as a joke. So I was right! Anyway, it was a fun evening, and now I'm all tucked in bed, and ready for 10:00am breakfast at my Tante. (I will call her "my Tante").


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