Germany – Day 5 & 6

Well.. I didn't write yesterday, but we went yet again to a new swimming place and met up with Kristen's friend, I'll call her Lori. It was a hot hot day yesterday! We had to pretty well go back into the water after about 5-10 minutes out in the sun, and the water was so cold, it was the same with water. They say such temperatures are good for the body. We got a little junk food around 1:30pm and then around 4:30pm left to go home. We got home and Kristen's cousin came over again, Derrick, and we went out to get some food for a barbecue. We chatted and hung out around the fire till about 12:30am. During that time, Kristen's twin brother came home from 10 days in Ireland, I'll call him Joe. He's a fun guy and the life of the party!

We woke up this morning around 10:30am and had some great breakfast. Kristen went to her "test driving" appointment which was at 2:00pm. I ended up sleeping again, and reading more. By about 5:00pm she was home and we again had a wonderful barbecue. This evening many more people were at the barbecue! It was fun!

Tomorrow we will go to a famous tower, and then go swimming….


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