Germany – Day 4

We didn’t have breakfast at home, instead we went to a car dealership! Kristen is in the middle of looking at cars, because she’ll be attending a school in Freiburg, Germany. So we sat and listened to all the cool gadgets and tricks that the car she is interested, had. We were both starving afterwards, so we found a small cafe which served some decent breakfast. She got a salad, I got some eggs with bacon… I guess I’m keeping it American. 

We then took a few buses to an public outside pool. It was so great. This was the only picture I had….

I hope it doesn’t make you dizzy. But it was really a great place! We got some junk food at the food joint, and enjoyed that in the shade of some big umbrellas… By the end of the day (5:00pm) it was packed! We left around that time and made our way back home. We played some piano, as Kristen is also a piano player, lucky for her tho, she can read music! Then came a text from her cousin, (I’ll call him Derrick), and asked what our plans were. We had dinner with him last night, that amazing potato stuff. And we said we didn’t have plans, so we spontaneously went to the movies. We saw “Spider-Man: Homecoming.” It was like all those other action movies… 

We got back home around 11:30pm, and we were both so hungry, we made some noodles! Good night, and more tomorrow! 


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