Germany – Day 3 

We went off to the lake again today, but to a new place. It took three buses, and then a small walk over the bridge. But at the first bus stop, I accidentally left the blue towel which Kristen has been lending me. So I thought then that we’d buy at towel the place we were going to. Once we got off at our last stop, we went into Penny and snooped around for a towel. We found one under some junk, the plastic falling apart. It was a choice between Cars or Finding Dory. I took the latter. 

We spend a wonderful day at the sunny Lake Constance, and read, chatted and tanned. The water was a perfect temperature, and some curious swans came floating by with their six cygnets. The father, which is called a cob by the way, came very close to me, and then he realized he was close to me– I slowly backed away farther into the lake, and he then began hissing at me. I then went under the water and swam away. He didn’t come after me… 

At 5:30pm, we packed up our things and walked back to the bus stop. It was a 45 minute wait. What happened to German “Pünktlichkeit”??? Finally got on, then transferred that meant we missed our last bus. So we walked all the way home, with cars going 65-75MPH speeds… But guess what was waiting for us when we got to the first bus stop? The blue towel! It had stayed there all day! I was shocked! I reunited with it, and was so happy that it didn’t get taken. 

We made it home, and began to cook our dinner: potato dauphinoise. 

It was so lecker! 


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