Germany – Day 2

11:00am wake up. Breakfast. Get ready. Los! Off we went to the Bodensee. But there was so much construction and so many roads were blocked off due to some random parade, we couldn’t get anywhere or move for more than an hour. So we ended up going to another swimming place about 20 minutes south, and found a small beach to relax on! 

It was gorgeous! We swam a bit and shared a floaty bed thing that took us about 10 minutes to blow up. A very sweet group of old people offered an air pump, but it didn’t work… so back to blowing. Good thing we both play silver flute…! After some time in the water, I lay out in the sun, and was knocked out! I slept for an hour and accidentally left part of the towel over my left leg, and it tanned a corner of the towel onto my leg! #tanningproblems. We then walked about the cute town, ate a wonderful meal, I ordered maultaschen– again! And then we had a wonderful ice cream and went down to the sea again. I ended up watching an old couple playing a game that you throw a little ball and then use big metal balls to try and get close to the little ball. It was super entertaining somehow… By 18:47 we went back to the car, as our parking ticket was good till 19:00. We drove toward the Seehasenfest which is a large festival with singing, beer, food and games. We walked about and danced along to typical German pop songs. That’s what I like to do… Then we went home! 

More tomorrow… 


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