Off to Germany

After the music cafe experience yesterday morning, Laura and I hit the small market and she bought many fresh vegetables for her ride back to Zürich. She and Audrey left last night. Laura then said I HAD to go to the chocolate store. So we went, I’m not a huge fan of chocolate, but I thought I’d be curious for a small bag of assorted chocolate covered nuts. They were quite good, but my favorite was the chocolate covered coffee beans! They were the best… 

We went back home to see about Bridget and her brother, as they like to sleep till 12:00 or so everyday. They were awake, and we then all went to “the best restaurant in Kolín”! It really was good! I had an amazing borcht. It was super! We spent about 3 hours there, plugged our phones in and jumped into the internet. I tried to buy my ticket to Germany, but no ones cards were working, and I just mentioned it to my friend that my card and a friend of mine’s wasn’t working, and that I would go into Prague to buy it through an agent… about 4 minutes later she texts me a receipt of a ticket to her! I was so in awe! Thank you! 

Around 3:30pm we left the restaurant, and made our way back home. There, Laura and Audrey were ferociously packing, because they had to leave by 4:00pm for the train to Prague. They made it! I was super impressed. The evening was then a liesure one, and around 5:30pm, as I was just about to get to drawing, I heard some girl voices speaking English. I popped my head out the window, and saw Carolyn and her sister. I greeted them, and they spoke about how they walked up and down the street for many minutes… We chatted, and around 8:30pm got some pizzas and bought some desserts and an assortment of candies from the Tesco. We managed to make a fire and in a small circle the five of us laughed, talked about the books we are currently reading. I am reading “And the Mountains Echoed” by Khalid Hosseini. It’s beautiful. Perhaps you’ve heard of his other works, “The Kite Runner” and my favorite which is “A Thousand Splendid Suns”. The fire burned till about 10:30pm, about the time when the chatting died down, and the eyelids began to wilt. I slept and slept. 

This morning, my alarm clock rang at 5:30am, but I was too tired, so I waited till 6:30am, got up, packed the last few things, and quietly stole outside. Into the cold fresh air with my suitcase in tow, a backpack on back and the wind in my hair… no, I’m just kidding, there was no wind, but it was actually super cold. I walked to the train station with my loud suitcase, clacking on the cobblestone ground all the way to the station. I can imagine I woke all of Kolín up!

Very uneventful ride into Prague. Came to the station and I still had to print my ticket out… So I walked through the train station, through Prague center, across the main square, through Old Town Prague and finally to the CzechTourist information office, with my red super suitcase, back pack on back, in tow. All to print tickets out. I must have grown up with an old-fashioned mother, as I am now very sure to have hard copies of things, and not just on my phone. Back through Old Town Prague, across the square and finally on the tram to the Florenc Bus Station.  Once I got off, I was so lost, I walked and walked… I have this thing where I don’t want to ask anyone where something is. (My mom will know that from my childhood– I want to find it myself… or as she likes to say (and mom knows best) that I am just too shy). But I finally found where all the buses are– behind the railroad station, like in Florence, but this one was so organized, so clean, and not sketchy at all! I found out that my bus left from platform 11. Got some food, my coffee and got safely on the bus! 

It was quite a ride! So much jerky driving, super angry driver and short tempered. I felt bad that he was such an angry human being. But I slept a tiny bit… I had become quite motion sick (as many people who know me well, know) and I had to sleep. It was gone when I woke up. About half an hour before arrived, they changed drivers, and he was a kind old man, who drove carefully and smoothly. I was so happy! We arrived in Munich around an hour late, and so I waited around, read my book, and tried to find wifi to contact my friend who is meeting me in Lindau. After waiting, for about an hour, I went downstairs again to get ready to stand in line, but on the board it said it was delayed another hour! I just wanted to be in a warm house with friendly people! So I read some more. Finally the bus came, and I got on with no problem! But the bus driver is even worse than the first driver! Someone came up to our bus and said in German, “I have a question!” And the bus driver said, “Well I don’t, leave!” I actually got out of my seat to see what I just heard! The man who had the question said “Is this the bus to so and so?” Bus driver “I don’t know. Don’t ask me! Ask the ticket person. I have to pull out, you’re in the way!” I couldn’t believe my ears. 

The ride was pretty uneventful it’s self, but there were three accidents on the Autobahn. They were kind of big, but the last one involved 7 fire trucks and 3 ambulances….. I hope everyone was okay! No car was in sight…

I made it to Berlinerplatz in Lindau, and saw my friend! I’ll call her Kristen. We drove in her 1980 Audi, and made it home in time to eat some yufkas which she bought for us! They were the best! I then took a long, warm shower! I haven’t taken one in over a week due to the house I was previously in.. those consisted of heating up water on the gas burner we bought at the local “Home Depot” then mixing cold with hot water for a few minutes, and cleaning myself and my hair…. it was real camping! 

I’m excited to be in a real warm home with all the “first world” amenities! 


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