Day In Prague

Audrey and I waited for the 9:28am train from Kolín to Prague, but once it passed 9:28am, I thought maybe it was late, until the loud speaker rang across the small station. It was in Czech, we couldn’t understand, but I knew it wasn’t super urgent, as the locals were still sitting around. 9:40am, 9:50am, finally at 9:56am, the train came. But I knew something must have not been too good, as a small “emergency” engine went speeding by on the same track that ours was coming from, but going toward the direction it was coming from. Get it? So we knew something was up… 

The ticket boy came and went. It was about an hour train ride into Prague… and I began to become a bit antsy and excited. I loved Prague the last time I came, and was fully looking forward to going again. We arrived and I immediately got a wrap, as I hadn’t eaten much breakfast, except a small cold piece of pizza from the night before. It was a pretty decent wrap! We headed out into the big city of Prague! First, we walked toward the astronomical clock. 

Then, headed toward the large castle on top of the hill. We wandered, and got a bit lost, but found ourselves in the old Jewish quarter of Prague. It’s a beautiful place filled with a history of Jews that once lived there. The ghettos crowded all along the small cobblestone streets and it felt like not much time had changed. 

This is the old Synagogue that used to be used before WW2, as was the whole town. I had taken a tour about a year ago when I first was in Prague. I didn’t need to today…

We continued and walked some more.. up the hill! On our way, we passed many cute shops, antique stores, boutiques and cafes. I almost forgot I was walking up hill. Once we reached the top, we were met with secure guards checking baggage and scanning you. They must have beefed up security, because last year I just walked in. But it was still a great place! 

The gothic-style church! It’s pretty massive! We hung around up there for a while, and then headed down. It was a very scenic walk down! There was a pretty impressive view at the top!
You could really see all over Prague!

Once we hit the street level, we made our way to Charles bridge. It was packed! Vendors, music, beautiful art… very touristy. 

We made it home early enough that we could still read by candlelight! 

It’s been a few days, but the most exciting thing I can tell you, is that we have running water! It came on while we were out in Prague that day! I’ve been to the Karlstejn Castle, which was beautiful! Bridget took a tour in Czech as the English tour was booked out. So Bridget’s brother and I walked about the tourist shops and found a small hiking path, which eventually led up to the castle again. We met Bridget around 3:45pm and walked back down. We were hungry, so we came upon a restaurant, and you’ll never believe who we met, in a small restaurant, in a small town, somewhere in the Czech Republic! Joan Sleigh! She’s a member of the Vorstadt of the Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. It’s kind of a big deal! 

It began to poor and poor and poor! It was an unhappy time for me. I was cold, but that was a whole other story, which I will tell if you so insist…. 

I am sitting in a cafe eating a warm breakfast with Laura, and this cafe is playing all the hits from Whitney Houston to Celine Dion. Its great! I always said, being in the Czech Republic feels quite a bit like I’m stuck in the 1990’s! I love it! Since the beginning of this long expedition of fourth year, through all the tears, joys and woes, Laura and I had “our song”. It was a very silly joke that we had. So, naturally, while we were sitting in the cafe, “our song” came on, which is “Endless Love” by Lionel Richie and Diana Ross! We busted out laughing! 

It’s been a great time in the Czech Republic, and I fully love this country! Truly! I could see myself living here somehow. It’s quiet, has a 90’s feel and is easy to get around.

Till next time I have internet… 

now “I Will Always Love You” by Whitney Houston is playing…… Its great! 


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