Siena – Day 1

We woke up around 9:30am and had a great breakfast way downstairs of our place. It was a good breakfast! Lots of food, an espresso and juice. We packed our things, and checked out by 11:00am, as we were going to another place in the country of Siena. We left at 12:30pm and walked to the bus station. We arrived ariund 1:15pm and by 1:35pm the bus departed the station!

It was a very windy bus ride. Through the narrow streets of Tuscany and up, up, up! I felt very sick toward the end and held onto a plastic bag just in case. We arrived a little after 2:00pm at the villa. It is beautoful! It’s an old farm and consists of 250 acres. It spreads far and wide! 

At the villa, there is a beautiful pool which they call an “natural pool”, and because there’s no chlorine, there is a thin later of algae growing in the pool. But it’s so refreshing and so relaxing! It’s located among the Cyprus trees and down a bit from the house, so it’s quite exclusive from everything!

Once we got some sun, it was time for dinner. We began around 8:00pm and finished at around 9:30pm. Then it was time to eat!

I had a few moments to myself, and I breathed in the warm July summer night, and thanked those who supported me through my journey, which, as many would also say, has just begun! It was a time to think of those who are close to me, those who I think about, and even those who I have met and seen for the first time on this trip! It’s been amazing so far, and so full of excitement! 


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