Uffizi – and then Siena!

We had packed last night, but this morning it was just the last few things. Carolyn had made it safely to Lake Constance, and we were ready for Siena. We took our suitcases (or in most everyone else’s case, big travel back-packs), and left them downstairs at the breakfast room, while we went out. 

We first went to the Uffizi, which was the best thing in Florence! We arrived at 8:45am, and were in by 9:15am! It was so beautiful, and full. The art and history that comes with Florence is so alive and you can truly feel it in their ways. Yes, now it’s become very modern, but the knowledge of being among the works of Da Vinci, Michaelangelo, and Raffael, is so breathtaking! 

The prize of the whole trip was seeing The Birth of Venus. I may have teared up a bit, being so taken aback by the wealth of culture and powerful minds of the Renaissance. 

No picture can compare, please go see it yourself if you’re ever in Italy! Here are a few photos I took of some art that spoke to me:

“The adoration of the Magi” by Gentile da Fabriano.

One of the seven virtues — “Faith” by Piero del Pollaiolo. 

“This painting is inspired by a picture painted by the ancient Greek artist Apelles, known to us through literary sources. On the right king Midas, poorly counselled by Suspicion and Ignorance, prepares to judge the victim of slander, who is dragged by the hair by Calumny, and accompanied by Fraud, Deception and Spite. On the left Repentance looks at the naked Truth, who raises her eyes to heaven.” 

I now saw the real painting! This was a piece of art I grew up with while living in my small community. 

Loved the “every day” pose of this young boy who is trying to get a thorn out of his foot. 

Young prince of the Medici family.

No title needed! 

It was a wonderful day! I was so happy and thankful that I could say I went to the Uffizi (last time I was there, I was 11– not the age to go!) Now with new eyes, new experiences, new adventures and more knowledge, I could really take it in, enjoy it and feel the life of the Renaissance! 

Once we finished, which was about 2:00pm, we slowly walked back to our place and got our bags (which we left there all day, as our host Giuseppe offered to store them for free). We knew we couldn’t leave without a picture with the wonderful Giuseppe!

By 4:10pm on the dot, our bus pulled out of the Florence bus station and headed to Siena. I tried to sleep, but the ride was so jumpy and bumpy, I barely got some shut eye. We made it by 5:30pm and by 7:30pm found a restaurant! 

Now we are warm in bed and ready for what tomorrow brings! 


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