Italy – Day 3

It was more of a relaxed morning… we aren’t leaving today, because Bridgit doesn’t want to…. But it’s good to have another day too. Carolyn might leave and travel by herself to northern Italy– she’s still deciding. 

Today we went to San Marco and there, we saw the cells of Monks past. 

Each cell had a fresco within it, and depicted a scene from the New Testament. We thought perhaps it was in a certain order, but it didn’t quite make sense. 

This one spoke to me the most. I think I stared at it for about 15 minutes straight. Once we were finished, Carolyn and I went on a mission to find a post office. I had quite a few postcards to send to the U.S., which I’m quite good at forgetting to send. But they went off today. 

Little tangent: I’ve come to observe that the women here in official places, i.e. post offices, museums, restaurants… are bit more hard with foreigners than men are. Yes, we know about the “Italian men”, but they are very sweet and always willing to help. 

Carolyn and I continued our journey to find some essentials, but didn’t find anything that seemed of good value, and so we walked back home. It was a hot day today. This afternoon I got some shut eye, but woke up to Carolyn packing, so it turns out she is leaving. 

This evening, as our last night, we had a beautiful dinner at a beautiful restaurant. It was called SimBioSi. It is an organic pasta restaurant. It was amazing! You could tell the pasta was all homemade, all crafted through love and time. While we were there, we met an amazing family, and we had wonderful conversations with them. They were from Minnesota. We talked, laughed, had a great time and spoke about none other than Eurythmy. 

We wanted one last Gelato and it was amazing! Off to Siena tomorrow! 


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