Italy – Day 2

Woke up– but boy, did we have a hard time! We did so much walking yesterday!

Today we went down and ate breakfast, then headed out to see what we came upon. We found The David and spent a few hours inside. 

We had planned to meet the other three at 12:00pm in the main piazza, but they had probably forgotten, and by 12:30pm we were too hungry to wait anymore, and left to find food. We crossed the Arno river and came upon a super small pizza place. It was delicious! Real home-made Italian pizza. I ordered the one with the ham, tomatoes, peppers and most importantly artichoke hearts! I was quite full and we made our way, exploring new places. We came upon a large hill going up, each side decorated with row houses — or rather apartments. 

Once we got to the top, we came upon a beautiful Forte del Belverdere. Up on top, we could see a beautiful view, which reminded us of real countryside Tuscany! 

We were exhausted… but we had a cappuccino! It was pretty relaxing!

We tried to find something to eat after 8:00pm, but everything was either full, or you needed a reservation, so at some point Carolyn and I got some small sandwiches at the local natural market (yes, they have a little natural market one block down), and ate those. 

We chose to stay one more day! More tomorrow…….


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