Off To Italy!

Yes, yesterday was resting day, but I had to go to Germany suddenly to do something for our trips to other European countries. But I had a wonderful breakfast in a super cute cafe, and everything was so much cheaper in Germany than Switzerland. I was happy. I picked up some things as well at Rewe as it was so much cheaper and then went back home to Switzerland. At 1:30pm I met up with a dear friend and we talked about how the stage group at the Goetheanum is, and how it was for me to experience the Olympiade. (The all school’s Eurythmy conference). 

By 3:00pm she had to go back to practice, but at 3:30pm I went and snuck into their rehearsal of their Faust production. It was during the witches scenes. It was gruesome, but that’s Faust. I didn’t stay too long, because I was quite hungry and went with Laura to make sandwiches at my house before our ice cream social. At 5:15pm we conviened and went to an old Eurythmist’s home to celebrate our performances and time in Dornach. When I arrived, there was no ice cream to be had, but rather aporicot pie, juice, fruit and whipped cream. I was happy there wasn’t ice cream, as I’m not a very big fan! But we laughed, reminisced and the old lady of the home showed us the original indications of the elementals in the Faust production. It was great!

By 8:00pm we all parted ways, and said goodbye to one another for the summer. Carolyn and I got home, and no one was home, so we were stuck outside. Jacob had the key, so we were left to feed our host family’s rabbits. But within an hour Jacob came home. We packed and went to bed. 

Early early this morning, my alarm went off at 5:00am, and I quietly zipped up my suitcase and carried it slowly downstairs. I was carefully looking at the stairs and they were all carpeted, except the last step, which was wooden like the main floor, and I went flying! My suitcase fell, and I fell splat on the floor! I lay there in front of the open door to the parent’s bedroom. I lay there for a bit, as my leg seared in pain. I think I woke them up! I got up but my leg was in a tremendous amount of pain! I’m glad I fell now and not earlier. But it hinders my sitting and walking a bit….

Got onto the bus and then the train to Zürich. We found a “do it yourself” Starbucks and we were in line, and some guy is waiting behind us, and Carolyn was choosing which drink, and he says in Swiss, “You know it goes faster when you push a button!” I can pretty well understand Swiss German, so I said “were choosing, but if you can’t wait you can go before us!” (In English…) and he pushed ahead. The lady behind is rolled her eyes at him. So we let him ahead of us, and he realized he was being an a**hole, and awkwardly stood there while is coffee slowwwllyy dripped into his cup! We think he was embarrassed. So we also let the lady behind us go in front of us, because we were obviously in the mood of letting people cut us… haha. But we got our coffee, grabbed some Swiss sandwiches and waited. As we were walking to the gate, we came upon Bridgit! Laura and Audrey were no where to be seen! 

But in the end we all made it on the train! We departed from Zürich and had a wonderful, colorful ride to Milan, where I am sitting in the next train that will go to Florence! 

We arrived! 

We dropped our things off at our place, and went hitting the town!

We are back at the hostel, and all cramming into one room! 


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