Dornach – Last Day

Because the solos went so late last night, I couldn’t go celebrate with my friends who came to see me. So we planned for breakfast today. It was so nice! Some of these people had never seen Eurythmy before, and what they had to say, impressed me. Hearing their experience of this kind of art made me know that people do understand what Eurythmy is, but don’t have the opportunity. 

I missed the morning class, but by 11:00am was in the Schreinerei for the talk about how the week went, what could be changed for next year, and what was great! Great things were said, and many experiences were had! It was an amazing week! So many feelings, so many joys, some heart-aches, but most of all many impressions and experiences to take home with. It was a perfect experience!

I ate lunch by 12:30pm, but we were so early, the lunch came late… haha. The afternoon was spent in Arlesheim with my mom, trying to get the last few things together before we part ways. 

This afternoon at 5:00pm, there was a performance from the speech and drama course of Jerusalem and Helsinki. I will just be honest, I fell asleep for about 3/4 of the piece. It was “Murder in the Cathedral” by T.S. Eliot. It was in both Hebrew and Finnish. The choral parts were spoken in English. I fell asleep due to the fact that they spoke so fast, and I couldn’t breathe so well. There wasn’t room for letting go and taking in what just happened. But I was fully impressed by the facet that they had learned the entire 1,5 hour text by heart. It was amazing!

Dinner came round, and I spoke with a young woman who became very interested in possibly switching to Spring Valley after our performance. She was fully inspired. So we spoke over dinner. 

At 8:00pm, the teacher performances happened. Magical momma B blew everyone out of the ball court! Truly! Someone said “I thought you as Spring Valley was the best of all the performances, but now I saw your teacher– competition!” And smiled with a twinkle in his eye. It was such a great oppurtunity to see all the teachers, and be able to see a tiny glimpse into why the schools do what they do, and who leads those schools.

I can’t say enough of how it all went! But tomorrow is our resting day, and I hope to do something relaxing– perhaps go on a hike– which for me, is very stressful, so I might choose something else! 


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