Our Day

I didn’t quite make it through this morning… I felt quite faint and exhausted. Turns out I was! Magical momma B sent me home, and I slept and slept and slept! By 12:45pm I was at the Kaffee und Speisehaus and ate some food… I threw about 1/4 away.. I felt bad, but wasn’t feeling so well still. We got ready around 2:00pm for our dress rehearsal! It went too well… so I was nervous for tonight. But supposedly it just went well for me, so I felt better– meaning, the whole thing would be better tonight. 

At 5:00pm after we watched the other two school’s dress rehearsals, the school from the Ukraine opened up. The love that these women have for Eurythmy was so truth-filled. I was actually moved and perhaps teared up when they showed the Cosmic Auftakt. It was so simple, yet so beautiful and so in their own way. I have always had a love for those who try and those who do the work they were meant to do on earth. It was truly alive in each and every one of these women! 

The next group was from Israel, and hearing the Hebrew language makes me get all excited. Something about Hebrew makes my feelers extra long. The Eurythmy was something that I found as being strong and earthy. Closing, was the group from Berlin. Very “deutlich” and very clear. 

We had about half an hour to eat as much as we could– I however, don’t get very hungry when I’m nervous! So I got some salad (for 6.00 CHF), a Rivella (best Swiss drink ever…!!!), and a bag of these amazing caramel little stroopwaffels. By 7:00pm it was time for hair and make-up. On the stage at 8:00pm. The Swiss begin at 8:00pm, and doors are locked at 8:01pm. It was so beautiful to be on that stage! More in person, when I see you. But I felt so full and so carried, by the entire audience, the other schools and by classmates. It was something I will never forget! Truly! Right afterwards was the group from Moskau. I am very glad we were able to see their dress rehearsal, as we couldn’t go into the audience until after they were finished. There were a few chair which had “Reserviert” on them, and those were for the eurythmists who had just performed. I was so happy to be able to support Stuttgart, as it was the same class whom I began my Eurythmy training with. It was wonderful to see how they’ve grown, and the individuals who made that happen! 

By 10:00pm or so, the entire show was over. Never to be done again in this fashion. Sorry to sound so crass, but I came to realize that after, when I was walking home. It will settle in me more and more, but it did come to me, and that is important. 

Once the “oohhs”, and “aahhhhs” were finished, we all headed over to the Schreinerei for our solos. Yes, it didn’t stop! But I was so happy to be able to do our solos, and so happy that I was able to support the fellow schools in their solos. Everyone did beautifully, both in the solos, but also in the group performances during the last few days! It was so moving! 

I am writing at 1:34am Swiss time, so I am going to bed quite late again…. More tomorrow! Just to say, I can’t write too much about my personal experience, or observations, as it doesn’t come out well in writing. 


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