Dornach – Day 6

What a day! It began with a rather strange coming together of all us eurythmists. A select few opted out of this strange idea of Eurythmy. But more than half of the people enjoyed it, so I’m happy for them.

At 9:30am we had a small tone session with Stephan Hasler, and by 10:30am it was finished. We had a very small break and at 11:15am it was time for the Soul Calendar dress rehearsal. We all got to sit and watch each school. Like I said, it consisted of five Weihe-Stimmung, which is the Christmas mood which is said during the week of Christmas. It was beautiful to see how each school interprets this Christmas mood. There were three in German, one in Russian and one in English. We were the English group. One school however did not go, as one of the students didn’t make it to this part of the tour. So they had to cancel their performance. It went from the Easter mood all the way through to the 52nd week. It was quite magical! 

Once the dress rehearsal was finished, we had some free time for lunch, but I went to practice my solo at 1:20pm. Tomorrow evening after all the performances are finished for Wednesday, we will have a student showing of all the solos. It will be quite exciting. I don’t know who has signed up or how it really works, but it’s really a time for students to show students their personal projects. 

I quickly ate something and by 3:00pm it was time for hair and make-up! There was a lot of waiting around but once our group was on, it was a time to focus on our own verse. It held a true feeling of wonder, joy, yet inwardness which this mood asks of, but keeping in mind the light which the Christ child has brought. 

It was dinner time, and either the quiche tasted amazing, or I was super hungry– I think it was a mixture of both! 8:00pm it was back up to the Goetheanum for more. The evening opened up with the school from Witten/Annen. They impressed me somehow. I think they kept to the “Classical” of what I wish to call Eurythmy. Following Witten/Annen was the school from Croatia. This is an interesting group. They are 17 people from three different counties. Croatia, Serbia, and Slovenia. They all come together about once a month and do Eurythmy! I was quite blown away with the work they did for only meeting once a month! You can see their love and passion for this art. It was moving, is what I wish to say about it. Next came the school from Nürnberg (Germany), and finally, but amazingly, the school from South Africa. 

I spoke earlier to a girl who is in that group, she is a white South African and she spoke a bit what it’s like to work with real native Africans. She mentioned that all the others had never heard about Eurythmy, and they all stumbled across it at different points in their lives. It was a powerful performance. I felt that I could be there in the lands of Africa with them. Be able to understand their culture. They used many instruments and sounds that related to their environment. And the stamina, power and inner strength that these women had, was truly inspiring!

Okay, I need to sleep! Tomorrow we have our performance! 

Sleep well! 


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