Dornach – Day 5 (The Conference Begins…)

Today was an earlier day! It was a 7:00am alarm clock. Bread, eggs, coffee and then on the bike to school. Carolyn had the grand idea of going up and around, and I kept saying what if it just wraps around and comes back down to where we are? But we tried, and sure enough, we had to come back down where we were, as it was a bunch of dead ends off the main road. So we went all the way back to where the hill continued down, and again, went across the fairy stream, but brought our bikes up to the Goetheanum. 

We convened at 9:00am and practiced till 11:30am. Lunch– which was amazing, but pricey, 11.00 CHF (about $11.30). Then it was booking our train tickets to Italy! Can’t wait! I took a rest, and at 3:00pm went up to the Schreinerei where we all met as 130 eurythmists from different countries, and all said our name and which school we came from. Our second task was to find someone in the circle– someone you never saw before until the coming together, and ask them why they came to Dornach! Our third task was to find another person and ask them what Eurythmy meant to them. My first partner was a young girl from Holland, who was in first year.. so that didn’t count too much, but I told her it’s the best opportunity to have! To see Eurythmy from all over! My second partner was a Russian woman, who very enthusiastically came up to me, almost running and asked me “What is Eurythmy?” I was a little taken aback, but I told her what I felt Eurythmy was. She told me, “air.” 

We then went over the week’s schedule and it was both in English and German, Stephan Hasler spoke, and I had imagined him to be someone completely different. Stephan Hasler is the leader of the section at the Goetheanum. He’s a big deal. 

It was about 4:00pm when we finished our joining and meeting of schools, and by 5:00pm it was the first installment of the Eurythmy performances. During this time, the school from Eurythmeum CH (Dornach) performed, followed by the school from Chile and closing off this part was the school from Alanus (Germany). 

At 6:45pm, it was dinner time. We made our way down to the Kaffee und Speisehause for dinner. At 7:45pm, we made our way up to the Goetheanum for installment number two. We began with a school from the Netherlands, followed by Tokyo (Japan) and closed with the school from West Midlands (England). It was a full evening, but so rich and beautiful. It was a great experience to see what Eurythmy means to these schools and get a perspective of the different approaches. 

More tomorrow! We have our Soul Calendar performances tomorrow. Almost all the weeks are being shown, and it turns out that five schools are doing the same Christmas verse that we are doing! I’m looking forward!


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