Dornach – Day 4

I heard something making noise, and realized it was my 8:00am alarm clock. So I got up, got ready and headed downstairs again. The cat came running after me. So it picked her up, and she was pretty excited about that. Eggs. Toast. Coffee. It’s a great home to stay in! 

I rode my bike again, before the other people, but in no time, Carolyn caught up to me…. basically that shows that I’m not a fast biker– and I know it. So we rode together on a new path to the Goetheanum. Parked our bikes and walked up the bijungo hill! I filled up my water bottle with the free, ice-cold water and sat down, beginning to plan our transportation around Europe. 

We all collected at 10:00am and just went thru each piece. By 12:00 it was the lighting rehearsal. We began with Beethoven, without music. That was a strange experience, but we actually found each other very well! Magical momma B would call down from the lighting booth and tell us to stay in our Beethoven, but do the next piece, which was the Osiris one, and that again, was a strange feeling. By 1:00pm we finished all our lighting, and ready for food! I ate a wonderful meal and then had a beautiful nap in the “English Room”. It was divine! By 3:00pm we were ironing, and by 3:30pm we tried our stoles on, and tried to get them all even! We finally got them to be all the same length, and then it was on to ironing more dresses. We only have 4 dresses, as it turns out, we like the Kodály dresses for “Still Falls the Rain” as well! So it was a good mistake we made! 😉

This was an adventure! I had somehow lost my hair tie between lunch and stole fitting time, so I was looking and asking people for a hair tie; nearbye, the Russian group was ironing their dresses, and I took up the courage to approach them, and with my broken Russian, asked if any of them had a hair tie. It’s amazing how things happen “in an emergency”. It’s like it came back, and I could use some Russian. It went thru and some lady gave me a very fancy hair tie. It had little stones, crystals and glitzy accessories– you could tell it was a Russian hair tie! It worked all afternoon. I will give it back tomorrow. A few moments later, once the Russian’s were finished ironing, (I had also managed to say enough in Russian to be able to borrow the ironing things right after them) I began my ironing. I ironed my first dress which was the Beethoven dress, and once it was finished, I hung it back up, grabbed my Osiris dress and went back to my station, only to find someone had taken it! It was fine, how was she supposed to know I was there? But I came back, and she said, “Is it okay that I iron?” I said sure– so I tried to find another one. But alas, none to be found. Within a few minutes, one had opened up and I jumped on it! If you don’t “save it” or aren’t back in half a second, it gets taken. So at some point, Carolyn and I kept asking Holly to save our ironing boards while we went for 7 seconds to get the next dress. That was the kind of madness we were dealing with behind stage. But we began to chat, and socialize with our “ironing board thieves”, and had a grand ol’ time. By 4:30pm it was at it again. Our cellist arrived from the States and we were all one big trio! It was so wonderful! 

Our speech artist had arrived as well today, and so we practiced our speech pieces with a new speech artist, new timing, and new nuances. But everyone was excited to be a part of it. 

My dear mommy made me and Carolyn dinner: a bowl of spaghetti and salad! 

A cool shot I took from the window across from the Practice Room #2. 


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