Dornach – Day 3

Bright and early………… I slowly got out of bed! The weather became a lot cooler, which I was more than fine with, as the last two days have been almost unbearable! 

We found out today, that our home had a coffee Nespresso machine (but we didn’t know if we could use it), so I asked the father, and he said it was okay. Then he reassured us that it was “the best!”. Yes, Nespresso is a Swiss company!

We took our bikes through the town this time and passed the fairy stream. I locked up my bike on the nearbye gate, because I didn’t want to walk my bike all the way the Goetheanum hill. Today was a lot better for me to ride my bike, as the weather had cooled down!

There’s a bench to the right of this waterfall, and I could sit there for hours. Maybe I will… one day! 

We began today at 10:00am with rehearsing, met the group from Russia, had lunch at 12:00pm and then began again at 2:20pm. We practiced and practiced, and sweated and sweated… After all the practicing, we had a beautiful dinner at a restaurant called “Rössli”, down in Arlesheim. We laughed, chatted and reminisced about the past fourth years. We then took a small stroll around Arlesheim and came upon a free band concert by the church! It was very European. It’s so wonderful that there are real cultural events in every town and free! It’s so important and so needed. Then it was biking all the way home! 

Tomorrow begins with the lighting rehearsal………


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