Dornach – Day 2

It’s 2:48am (8:48pm – NY time) and I’m lying here in my bed with the window wide open! It’s become quite cool, but during the day, it’s super hot! The wind is getting caught in the trees, making the branches and leaves rustle. It swells and dies down, but there is a constant sound. I can hear the distant high way – but it’s very distant and not disturbing. I can hear Carolyn poking around as well, who also woke up around the same time. No other sounds at the moment. No sounds of animals calling to each other, no sounds of coyotes calling. Those are the usual sounds I hear at 2:48am back in my hometown. 

Well, I did go back to sleep, but the alarm sounded at 8:00am, and I went downstairs for my eggs and toast special. At 9:15am we were on the bikes, and it was already hot out! I’ve never been a fan of hills, but today, it was pretty bad! We made it around 9:45am and found our way into the West entrance of the Goetheanum. We had heard that at 10:00am there was a Goetheanum tour. But alas, we were told wrongly, but we spent the time cooling off from the bike ride up. By 12:30pm we met as a class, and Magical momma B was waiting there bright-eyed and chipper! We went over our dates and had a quick tour of the backstage! We were privileged to see the stage group’s wardrobe! It was pristine! Each grouping of veil colors were folded and had their own drawer, which slid out when needed. It was impressive. On the other side, all their dresses in rainbow color! We snuck into the Grosser Saal which is the large stage, and took a peek. We weren’t supposed to, as it is only open to the public with guided tours, on special occasions! But every time I see it, I’m filled with awe at the enormity and colors! 

Once our own little class tour was over, we headed to the stage where we will perform, which is called Grundsteinsaal, which means the foundation stone hall. We will have the school performances in this space. It’s directly under the Grosser Saal, so it feels very low, and squished. But still a wonderful space and privilege to perform there. We practiced a bit, and then had a small break at 2:30pm, where we all went to see Steiner’s death mask. It was powerful, but more in person, as I can’t explain in words. By 3:15pm, changed and more practice! 

This evening, there was a performance from the Aesch fourth year! Afterwards we rode our bikes home with the wind in our hair, and the day behind us! 


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