Over The Pond… Day 1-(Which was literally being awake for more than 24 hours…)

I woke up at 9:00am on Wednesday, June 21st, thinking I was going to get up by 10:00am. But I popped up at 9:00am. I realized I needed one of those hidden pouch things that one puts under all the layers of clothing. On the way, I dropped my suitcase off at the auditorium before my Target run.

I had pretty well packed the night before, so I also had time to babysit for the last time that same evening. I was home from the Target run by about 10:30am, and had grabbed a coffee and black bean burrito (always with chicken) from the local Co-op. By 11:20am, I walked back to the auditorium and found no one. No one was there yet, but slowly people came. It was a very exciting time! Last boarding passes were being handed out. As a farewell present from a dear friend, I got a silly but very handy balloon dingy. 

It says, “Happy Birthday” in Spanish, which I awkwardly found out after asking what it said… No, it’s not my birthday, but it’s a celebration going over seas! 

It was a good hour and a half to John F. Kennedy airport. This is one of the most complicated-hard to get to-confusing airports in the world. But we made it all safely and soundly, thanks to our amazing drivers. We unloaded our luggage.

And went inside. We checked our things in, and made it to TSA. I went thru and it beeped…. I had to take my new fangled hidden pouch thing out of all my clothing, In I went again. It worked! 

Once we were all cleared, our next mission was food. Found a half-decent sandwich for $10.99. Eh, gotta use my last U.S. dollars, what better place than in the U.S.? We found out which gate, and sat. We sat, chatted, texted the last few people while on American soil, and walked about a bit. We were called to board and then “Zone 2&3” were able to board. We were all on, and realized Clive wasn’t on! What happened? Turned out we meant to cancel 2 pieces of checked baggage (3 people had carry-on, that they didn’t tell– or it didn’t occur to tell, so the two extra suitcases we checked for $100 could then be those people’s “checked baggage”). But accidentally they cancelled Clive’s flight. Oops! But we managed to get him on! All of us were on board!

The loud speaker said that due to some uneven weather, we were delayed by about an hour. To add insult to injury, a passenger in our plane wouldn’t listen to the lady on the loud speaker, after she said that everyone needed to be seated in order to taxi to takeoff. She had to ask a few times. Finally he sat down, (someone from first class…) and we could go off! It’s been a while since I flew, and that initial takeoff always has my ears go popping out of control. Up, up and away! I ordered Seagrams ginger ale, when the flight attendant came with his trolley. He came again. I got water. Dinner came, I ate half my meal. I read. A book called Anathem by Neil Stephenson. Recommended to me by a friend. So far so good! And just so y’all know, I am here, sitting, writing to you all from 3,7015 feet above earth. It’s dark out. And it’s 10:29pm for you, but it’s 3:29am in Zürich, Switzerland. 

We’ve landed! On Swiss soil! Once we were able to get up out of our hard, uncomfortable economy flight seats, we made our way to the baggage claim. Grab. Money. Exchanged. Costums. No questions. It went smoothly! We had a few trains, but finally made it to Arlesheim, where I am staying. Way up in the attic of a beautiful home. 

It’s very quaint, but clean! Once we unpacked, we made our way into Arlesheim, past the beautiful fountain,

Past the beautiful church, 

And across to Dornach!

Thar she blows, in all her glory! 

More tomorrow! 


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