We arrived at the local auditorium around 8:00am yesterday morning to bag the dresses. Loaded. Off we go. We know this time we will caravan, as we didn’t want to all arrive hours after each other. It was successful! We arrived around 11:00am and immediately began to iron! The dresses looked like they had been crumpled under the benches for months. It was not so simple! We got a small tour of the hall beforehand. It was lovely!

The stage!

Once we were more settled, and had ironed furiously, (only about 1/4 of the dresses) we had lunch in the neighboring home. There were three groups. One for the “helpers” of the group, one for the vegetarians of the group and one for “the general eaters.” We had rice, salad, chicken, onions, cabbage, and something else–  but I can’t remember! It was divine, however! It was a home which housed villagers, and I was so happy to dine with them, and hear a bit about them. 

By 2:30pm, we were dressed and ready to practice, but before that, I found myself at their gift shop and cafe! Wow! I was fully impressed! They had everything! From handmade shawls, books of all genres to handmade iPhone cases, it was a waldorf kid’s paradise. 

Just a small section of the beautiful gift shop!

Maple syrups: the size of half my hand. They were darling! 

Beeswax, Gnome-home, and jewelry! Three of my favorite things in the world, in one place!!

Once practice was over, we ate a quick dinner and then it was time for makeup! We plastered ourselves and brought the costumes up! It was a tiny space for 8 performers, + 1 person on each side! But we managed! Magical momma B reminded us it was the last time on this continent that we would do this exact performance again; she reminded us it was also the last time we would ever do some of the pieces again. For me, quite surprisingly, it was the fairytale that I had to come to terms with about never doing again. I struggled the most emotionally with this piece, but I missed it the most! Funny how things come back sometimes….

I felt like I was loved and gave all I could at this performance. I felt a warmth that I truly ate up. Its not a comparing to other performances, but I am very aware that it most-likely had to do with the fact that in some ways, it was our last time. The audience was filled with excitement, and the villagers gave their all as well. The moment I arrived in this special place, I fell in love with it. I felt it held something very magical. I could see a soft rosey lilac color as I entered into the Camphill village. 

Once the show was over, people came knocking on the dressing room doors, trying to get a glimpse of the stars. Just kidding, but it was packed afterwards! People came from far and wide and I was so happy to be supported. 

It was a long drive back! But I was happy to be back in my bed by 2:30am. 


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