Fellowship Community

Tuesday the 6th, after we had our 4:00pm showing of our program again, we all went down to the wardrobe and received a crash course into “tour life”. We had readied all the essentials which were going to our first location. But haden’t yet made it concrete! 

We were each assigned a job to do, which you are responsible for while on tour! I am in charge of dresses, along with Carolyn and Laura. Jacob and Clive are in charge of the racks, which the dresses need to go on, Audrey is in charge of the stage case (this is filled with “hardware” which we will need on tour, i.e. tape, pins, hammers, bags…). Bridget is in charge of the hats. We have a few head gears which costumes have as a part of the whole ensemble. And lastly, Stella is in charge of the hair and makeup, making sure we have all the hairsprays, Bobby pins, hair nets, cover up, foundation, powder, and so on… 

It’s all a very organized, but sometimes stressful job. I will get used to it, but today, as we set out for the Fellowship Community, I had my first experience! It did make me quite anxious, as I felt super responsible, and not sure of how to go about it. But now I know for Kimberton, PA and Copake, NY

When dresses are concerned, our task is to make sure, and double check, even tripple check sometimes, that we have ALL the dresses together, pertaining to the actual piece that it will be in, not by person. So we count that there are, for example, eight Kodály dresses, five Prokoffiev dresses.. and so on! We then tie them tightly together and get a cloth bag cover that covers them and makes sure they don’t get damaged or wrinkled… It’s tricky! Each bag can have about 10-15 dresses in them. More than 15 it’s too heavy for one person to carry. So sometimes, if there’s not too many dresses, we can even put two pieces together in one bag! Once the bag is closed, counted and ready to be transported, we keep track of how many dresses are in each bag, by naming the piece, then next to that, the number of dresses for that certain piece, (like I said, there may be two pieces in one bag– we have to add that as well) and add it all up, finalizing it all with the sum amount. It’s not that complicated… but describing it makes it sound super complicated! 

Then we carry each bag carefully to the car which will transport them to the location, lying flat on top of each other, and preferably hangers to bottoms of bag… so that it is layered. Get it? It’s even so detailed that the Tone dresses need to be toward the top of the dress pile. It gets super intricate!

I hope this was somewhat interesting to get an idea of… But it’s fun to try to give a picture.

Anyway, once everything was transported to the Fellowship, we set everything up, both the stage, the racks for the dresses, the dresses, the makeup, and hair as well. Once it was all organized, we began to do the entrances and exits of the pieces. Because we’re in new locations, we need to take it seriously and remember new things in a very short amount of time. But it all comes well, when we are calm and listen! 

The performance went so well! It was a blessing to perform so closely to an open audience. It took place in the Hilltop dining room, so it was very open, no lights, no curtains and you could see every face in the audience. But I never like look at the people, as I lose my concentration right away! The members and coworkers of the fellowship were filled with awe and warmth. We could all feel it! It was a gift to bring!! Bringing the eurythmy to places is what I love, and receiving with warmth and reverence is truly magical. 

Once we finished, we cleaned up, and were out of there in half an hour! It was a great experience and such a joy! 


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