We Did It!!!

Let me begin with the lighting rehearsal. That was on Tuesday evening from 4:00pm until about 9:30pm. (We had a beautiful potluck in between!) To fill you all in on what a lighting rehearsal entails, it is when each piece is practiced with the lighting indications which the teachers have set beforehand. Or that of Rudolf Steiner, for two pieces which had form, costume and lighting indications by him. We went down the list, beginning with the Fugue by Bach. Once it was over, we would wait around until there was a “keep going” shouted from the audience. That let us know if we could continue onto the next piece or had to wait and do it again for the lighters to get the correct lights and timing. It’s a long process but extremely important! It went like this for every piece. Some were done once but others were done at least two times. 

Our next big night was the dress rehearsal. The night when we get acquainted with make up as well! Rules on the makeup madness is key! First, the red on top of the forehead. This blends the hairline into the skin! Second, foundation! Lots of it. Pretty well caked on! It’s gross. Then the rouge for the cheeks. The eyes are a whole other story… red, white and blue are the colors used around the eyes. Basically, we want it to look like we have a face– because lights wash out your skin, so we have to pack it all on! But at the same time, not be so over done we look like Barbies on stage. It’s a fine line! 

At the makeup table, getting ready! I’m not that sad in real life… I was going for a sultry effect…….. 

The dress rehearsal, we performed it all the way through, with no stops. This was to get a real sense of costume changes, lighting and timings. We were tired, and it showed! But it went without any stops! Quite a few mistakes were made– which in the performing world is good, but over all was not a train wreck! Getting used to the cues, costume changes and lights was something we had to work with, and concentrate very strongly on! Afterwards, we sat down with all the teachers and they gave us notes! “Rachel, what took so long for your costume change?” Asked Dorothy. I said, “I had to take one sack off and put the other one on, and then didn’t hear Jenny announce the piece!” Dorothy thought for a moment “Well! Put the second costume over the first! It will actually give a good effect for the piece!” So it was executed the next night, and it went well! 

The next night, which was the performance night (last night) was a beautiful experience! We made ourselves up at 6:00pm and ready to perform at 8:00pm. Getting 250 people into the auditorium was a process but everyone managed. We began well around 8:30pm. Again, we began with the Fugue and went down the list. 

It was such a wonderful experience! It truly was! The love, support and richness that poured out from those who attended and those who couldn’t make it, was true and alive! I never fully felt so warm and cared for in a long time! It was a powerful experience! Friends, family and aquaintances were all there to support each and everyone of us! I couldn’t believe it! When the performance was over, we all made our way down to the Threefold Cafe for our reception! We ate, drank (all homemade punches and drinks), chatted and relived the experiences! I couldn’t quite get a moment to just relax! If it wasn’t this person talking, it was someone else! It was a bubbly, busy night and full of joy! 

Each of us in our class received beautiful, cute, handmade little ones, and mine was this: the pinecone tutu girl!

Here are some pics from last night:


2 comments on “We Did It!!!

  1. Dear Rebecca,
    My warmest congratulations to you and all your classmates. Wish I could have been there! But your blogs have been the next best thing!
    Love, Coralee xxx


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