It’s Coming! 

On Tuesday, May 16,  for the first time ever, we had the privilege to try our tone veils on! It was so amazing to be in them! I kept looking behind me as I walked, like a five year old does when she’s wearing a princess cape.
We had our test run, when we had solos with the teachers for a bit, and I had lost all consciousness of wearing a veil. I remember feeling partly disappointed that I didn’t feel anything, so I tried not to think too much about it afterwards. Then yesterday, we had our real dress rehearsal, with lights and even bows. Doing my solo with the audience, which was in total darkness and the colorful lights blaring in my face, I finally felt the veil. I felt like it could truly be me and my soul up on that stage. The veil was a wonderful experience as I really felt it. I could feel it pulling here a bit, and pulling there a bit. It was like I would guide it to where it was asking to be. It was there were it couldn’t, and I was helping it along. I finally felt a real calmness come over me and secure that I could be a part of the veil. 

Sunday afternoon the 21st, we had our individual solos. Each one of them was very impressive! One could see the commitment, work and progress which we worked very intensively on. It was a big step up from a few months ago– even a few weeks ago. There were 16 solos, as everyone had two. It really was a beautiful time to be a part of something so special, and work toward. Being able to witness a fellow classmate from the sidelines is really a whole other experience than watching from the audience. I really became aware of that this evening. The mood, the perspective and expectation changes quite a bit. I felt like I was fully supported as my classmates watched, and I felt the same, being able to support and watch! It was really a rich, truthful and comforting experience. 

Once the solos were over, and after all the “oohhhs” and “ahhhhs” from the audience, we were rushed off for a class interview which was hosted by Marta Stemberger who holds a small radio show. Seven of us from our class spoke about all aspects of eurythmy. How we came to eurythmy, how the training has been, and what our future plans are, were just a few of the questions which you will now hear.

Each of our answers are truly individual and beautiful to listen to, as we really do come from all walks of life. 

The past few days has been what one would probably called “stressful”. All we were doing was sewing, sewing, and more sewing. Because many people ask me to help them, and I don’t hesitate to, I unfortunately became quite behind on my own sewing, so I suffered the consequences and resorted to asking people to help me. But it was finished in time for last night’s costume check. It began at 7:00pm and finished at 11:15pm. It was a “few hours” of standing, checking and changing. Each costume was checked, and if we had costumes that called for many of the same measurements and looks, we had to stand together. Along with all eight of us, five teachers were there assessing the situation. The poofer was brought out, the “puff” which we call the maroon pin cushion, the many tins of safety pins, tape measures, needles and gas masks– no, the latter is not true, but I just wanted to add for dramatic effect. But it sure was a serious affair! “Please stand all together in a line– no! not a bowl, a straight line! Yes! That’s better thank you!” All the teachers eyes were on us. They all bend their backs a little, literally, in order to see if our hems are all in line with each other. “Okay, what is going on with Audrey’s hem!? Elisa, can you check!? Does Audrey’s hem look a little off?” Elisa comes over, bends down and yes, “Yep! It’s off about half and inch on the right hand side!” If it’s not the hems, it’s the veils! It all goes something like this for the full 4 hours! But we survived. But we were tired. It’s bed time, but school begins at 9:00am! We rejoice for about .02 seconds. We’re that tired.

The evening was good, in order to really see what we needed to work on. We have lighting rehearsal on Tuesday, so all our costumes have to be spik and span! Each of us made a list with notes for each costume and wrote down what needed to be added and altered. Now it’s just the tiny bit of work.

This entire week we have been gifted with wonderful snacks and lunches provided by our dear first year! Each day, food arrives on our table and we eat all together, bringing the “behind the scenes” aspects of eurythmy life together as well! 


3 comments on “It’s Coming! 

  1. Hi Rebecca, I found your blog! I am so sorry that I cannot attend your graduation but through the clouds of space I will see you dancing in sunlight! Susanne


  2. Dear Rebecca,
    I am so enjoying your blog and hope I’m in time to wish you all a joyful graduation! I will be thinking of you!!
    Love, Coralee


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