What Happened!? 

Well, graduation is truly upon us. It’s going to be a very busy 3 weeks! But before that, on Sunday, May 21st at 4:00pm we have our solo showings. All eight of us will show our individual solos, both tone and speech. A very powerful and beautiful moment in a eurythmists career. A time to produce the many hours, many tears and joys that come with working on such things. These solos are a “right of passage”. A wonderful way of sharing the efforts and hard earned work that was put into them. It was a struggle yet a joy working so powerfully and truthfully on something. 

I just wanted to share a poem which I read today as I was waiting for someone. A poem that spoke to me, in the vast quality of imagination. The pictures that sprang to my mind and the feelings that poured out when reading this, gave me a sense of beauty. 

I Will Wade Out by ee Cummings

Today, as another part of graduation preparation, my dying partner and I dyed all the shoes and stockings! They are to be a light brown. A color which can become “camouflage” with the stage. At 11:00am this morning, I trudged up to the auditorium in the pouring rain and gathered all the white stockings and white eurythmy shoes which I had asked everyone to put in a pile. I had 2 full bags, an umbrella and my heavy rain boots. Toting this monstrosity, I walked down to the nearby dorm rooms, and collected even more white stockings and shoes, stuffed them into another bag and walked to Ginevra’s house, the dying partner I was taking about earlier. Here I am, juggling three bags and an unruly rainbow umbrella. It’s not far, but it’s far in the rain. I got to the door, tried to close my umbrella, had my finger pinched in the umbrella-closing ceremony, tried again, and it blew down the steps. Put down my bags, and caught my umbrella in time before the wind scooped it up and took it home with it. Umbrella is closed, and leaning on the banister. Success! I opened the door, bags on arms and pretty wet, as it had begun to pour in the last part of my adventure. Ginevra began to boil a pot of water, and cut some white cotton test strips, from an old sheet. We tested some dyes, which I had brought down from the wardrobe, but alas, they were too dark. I just realized something! Shoot! “I told everyone to bring their white things– but I forgot to bring my own!” Well, it turned out we needed to go to Michael’s to buy RIT dye in lighter colors, so we would pick up my things on the way back! Good! It’s all very convenient. We got to Michael’s and success! we found our RIT dyes which we wanted. Pay. Leave. Arrived home, and shoot! we forgot to go by and get my own stockings and shoes. So I went to collect them alone. We filled Ginevra’s washing machine with hot water and poured the dyes in, trying to calculate the ratio and usage of dye to the amount of water. It’s a process. To be truthful tho, I didn’t do that part. I was the stirrer. We put them all in! Stirred them around, and made sure they wouldn’t come out to be splotchy and liney. We had them in the machine for a small cycle and took the chance to eat lunch. It was 1:40 by the time we ate. I could feel I was late in my lunch time, I was getting tired. So I picked up a coffee at the local food market. Wow! That coffee was perfect! Now I’m awake again! After lunch, we checked them out, and they looked good! Pretty evenly distributed! It all seemed to come out perfectly. I collect all the bags, um… what is that? I open it up. One pair of shoes didn’t make it! One pair! Why? But it was too late! But what could we have done? So, I then took them home to stick them in my own dryer and off I went on errands. It was 3:00pm. 

I came back, excited to see the result! So far, so good! The stockings looked great!! WHAT HAPPED TO THE SHOES!?? Why do they look orange, and ugh! why do they have black on the top of the shoes? It’s like a black outline at the toe area! It’s like a coloring book, fill in the black outline. “Ginevra! The shoes came out all funny!” “Okay, come over! Let’s take a look at them!” I drove over. No one was happy about the black outline. Yet, I’m sure she’ll find a magical solution for the case of the black-tipped eurythmy shoes! 


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