Keep Calm, And Carry On!

Well! We’re back in school! Yay! I do love the work and commitment that comes with this art. I began to think today, that I feel as though our pieces, and our work for graduation is truly coming together. I can see an end in sight. Sad as it of course is, but I feel as though I have a hold on the end. I have it at the end of a long 5-week string, and now I just need to pull it in, and hold it in my hand. But that string sometimes gets caught on a rut, and will have to go and physically release it from the rut and keep bringing it in. But those ruts make the work more strong. 

Just this week we began a small Chopin piece. Because I’m not in the Bach fugue, the other 3 people chose to do something as well. I find it a beautiful piece and am very excited about it! We have also begun small works here and there, which is quite fun as well! Being busy is a lot of work, but knowing what the result will be, is 100 times more exciting. 

I’ve also come to experience true exhaustion! I never experienced it before, and I was told about it, from students past, but am only now understanding it. It’s a good feeling in the sense that I am really really working, but socially it can get in the way. Many of us are learning patience and practicing how to “keep calm and carry on”. It’s interesting to observe! 

Back to the sewing… Another part of it, is the fact that there are some pretty silly ways to get the perfect hem. Standing on a platform high enough so we can achieve, what is called, “poofing”. 

…And this, is the silly contraption used to make the poofs…

We measure from the platform a 3″ hem and go about puffing bits of baby powder onto the dress, and fastening the markings with pins! 

Here’s a “behind the scenes” of our class photo which I’m sure many of you received! 

Last night was the 30th anniversary of the Spring Valley stage group. Also known as Eurythmy Spring Valley. Stories were told, many laughs and memories from many points of view. Following these recollections was a beautiful array of performances, solo and group pieces alike. It’s amazing to hear all the joys, sorrows and all around adventures which were worked through from such a long history.

More to come…  


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