Tones And Dresses

It’s officially Spring Break. That means learn them tones, and box them dresses! It’s not much of a break, but a break from the scheduled daily classes. It’s a time for learning and catching up on all the things that somewhat went to the wayside…

I have been teaching myself Chopin Ballade No. 1, Op. 23 in g! It’s a challenge, but fun to relearn piano after many years since quitting it cold-turkey! I took piano lessons for many years as a child, but quit on my sixteenth birthday! Slowly, but surely I have come to like piano again. My problem is, I can’t read music so well, so fortunately I have the ability to listen, and then learn. I have come to love many composers, mainly the old time classical composers, but also have a love of theme songs from major films. Did anyone say, Titanic

Something I have also learned to “get back into” is art. Drawing portraits in particular. I used to draw one almost every week while in middle school. It was all I did for many years! But that too has gone to the way side. Here are some small examples: 

Hey! I was 12 or 13 years old…. Don’t laugh! 

Today was more eventful… it was quite busy, as I was called upon to box Clive, while Jacob was ironing, oh, and then because I have one second where I’m not doing anything, Bridget wants me to finish her waist boxes! It was fun, always being busy and helping others. This means, of course, totally putting aside my own work, and helping others, which comes way too easily for me. It’s hard to let go and say that I will now work on my own and do my own boxing, or own sewing. There was a moment when Bridget asked me to just show her how to go about sewing, and oops! in about a minute and a half later, I had finished the entire sewing job! Not that it’s control, but I found, rather, because I get so involved so easily. Something that, again, is very quick at my fingers. This sort of small handwork is what I fully enjoy. I had begun at 11:00am and in no time, it was 6:00pm! Time truly does go by! But by the end, many dresses were pre-boxed, hemmed and ready to be sewn! Tomorrow I’m at it again… maybe this time I can get some of my own dresses done… we’ll see! 

A few days have passed, more dresses have been pinned– pre-boxing. Solos have been practiced and eurythmy has been conquered. It’s so amazing being able to work alongside the process and witnessing something come to fruition. And not only watch it, but be a part of it. I was speaking today with someone about the steps it takes to come to terms with solos. Oftentimes I am so in love with a piece the first time I hear it, and once the work begins to “dissect” it so to say, sometimes that love is lost. But it’s the process of rebuilding that love, that hurts. It’s takes time to jump over the hurdle and make amends with it again. That “pain” is what I never wish to face. Now, if we look at the complete opposite circumstance of the same issue, and I oppose a piece a great deal right from the start, when first I hear it, thru working with it, I come to love it. I come to love the jagged edges, the scrapes and bruises I once felt when I first heard it. It’s a very fascinating phenomena that I’ve come to observe. Okay, enough of the personal talk. But hey, remember when I said I’d speak about it in all aspects? Well, here ya go, signed and sealed. 😉

Speaking of signed and sealed, and moving on to other parts of our journey toward graduation– we all began at 9:30am this morning, stuffing envelopes! Sitting in the changing room, finding an organized rhythm for this envelope business. Stuff. Seal. Label. Stamp. That was the 4 step process we were going for. It took effect immediately. We finished in 3 hours flat! It was also fun, as well: singing, chatting, coffee-ing, and laughing. That was the 4 step process for our well-being. 

Week two of spring break is upon us. More tones and more dresses. Because some of the dresses are quite hard to repair and needs detail work, Ginevra and I worked on dresses that need serious help. It’s actually quite beautiful looking at all the years of repairs that have accumulated on one dress. Some dresses therefore, are quite colorful, and filled with different hues of red, or different hues of blue. Who would thunk there’d be so many kinds of red or blue? I also like to see what history that certain dress has had. An example of the beautiful dress history can be seen…

You need to see the beauty, and then it will shine! 

We mended all the dresses that were in the “hospital” which consisted of  repairing holes, both small and big. Our next big step is mending all the collapsing veils! Again, one can see the history of work and fixing that one veil has, which we need so desperately! 

So, this term, something quite exciting is also going to come…. wearing tone veils!! That is something I have never worn. Never even tried on, even out of curiousity– oh, I’m such a good kid! But I imagine it’s like wearing fairy dust. You move half a centimeter, and the entire backspace moves with you! And there’s an embrace of pure feeling! I will keep you all posted after the initial experience…!

Well… I did finally get the chance to escape the Hollow life… I went up to Harlemville, NY which is about 2 hours drive from here, and visited friends, but most importantly the cows and pigs! 

Every now and then I need the farm experience. It’s nice to have some other air for once– okay, perhaps on the smellier side, but it’s different, and that’s important! 

I wish you all a happy Easter! And till next time! 


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