It’s The Small Things…

On Monday we had our small solo showings. It’s so amazing to see the work and progress and real “jumps” that we all have taken in our work. It’s a wonder and a beautiful way to support the work we do. One of the teachers at our school, said in her opening statement, “It’s like we are all little carrots inside the Pfeiffer Center glass boxes. These end of terms give us little glimpses of the roots that are growing all under the earth, before we are ready to be plucked and brought into the daylight!” It was said more beautifully than that, but I tried to paraphrase, so we (hopefully) get the gist… 

Each of us have a speech solo and a tone solo. For my speech solo, I am doing Orpheus In The Underworld and for my tone solo, I am doing June by Tchaikovsky. Both are two very different pieces and two different kinds of work which is asked of me. But full of emotion and full of responsibility. 

On another note, we have officially begun the boxing and hemming of some of the dresses. I am boxing and hemming Audrey’s dresses early, as she is going back to her home country over the Easter break to visit her family. As I said in my last post, I would speak a bit about what boxing and hemming is. 

When we receive our dresses for each of our eurythmy pieces, we are asked to take all the pre “custom-made” changes OUT, so it becomes one long “sack” when worn. This helps then for changes to be made just for your right height, size and shoulder width. When we begin, we start from top to bottom. “Boxing” is a term used in order to make exact measurements of both the shoulders and the waist. Beginning with the shoulders, both sides become tucked under itself in order to avoid any rising in the dress when the arms are raised. They are first pinned, but not sewn. 

Then we move down a little to the waist. Same thing is done as on the shoulders. 

Now we can sew! Once they have been sewn in a box-like formation, hence boxing, we can move on to the hem. In this process, the height which the dress must come off the floor is 3 inches. That is the standard size here in Eurythmy Spring Valley. 

Once this has happened, we can add any small accessories as well. 

When we are sewing, boxing and adding all these “small” accessories, we keep a spreadsheet and once we’ve finished it, we tick it off. It looks something like this:

Two days ago, we had our end of term. It was quite a thrill ride, as in one of our pieces, I took a great tumble! But I got up, and continued like nothing ever happened. But all in all, it was a big step from the small showing which we did on Tuesday. I felt that we were at a stage where it was ready for this end of term, and will only grow more for graduation! So, more to come……


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