…and so it begins…

Wow! Almost four years have past since first I began something called Eurythmy. I was a naive 21 year old, when I set off on a path, which I didn’t know where it would go, where it would take me, and where I would end up. But here I am, in my last semester of a four year training. 

I will blog from a perspective where time, woes, smiles and tears are dealt in order to prepare myself on a new journey into the art of Eurythmy. 

On Sunday we received our very first costumes. A few of many more to come. A costume fitting for our fairytale piece called, “The Nixie and the Mill Pond.” When fairytales are done eurythmically, a large aim is to bring in not only the characters but nature objects, such as water, wind, air.. and so on. 

 It’s a cold night, and at 6:00pm we are all crammed inside what we call the wardrobe. It is the home to hundreds of dresses and costumes. Not the kind of costumes which one finds at Party City! or Walmart, but rather costumes all hand made. All custom, made to fit. Here we stand, sit, lean, wherever we can find room, and intently listen to (I will use different names– partially for anonymity and also for fun) Elisa as she tells us all the rules ‘n regs of what to do. She pulls about 4 different blue dresses out, and asses each of us, as we awkwardly hold the hanger shoulder level, and giggle at our silly appearance. “Where is Bridget, Jacob and Stella? Can you please come and stand while I make sure these three different blues look good next to each other?” (Now I know why Miranda Priestly was so adamant about her blues…!) “Ok! Where is Carolyn, Rachel and Laura? No, doesn’t look good! Can we switch Rachel’s dress with Bridget’s? Okay! Yes! Much better!” It’s a process. It takes time. But time is what produces beauty… Once the water costumes were finished, we all had to find our next costumes for the fairytale. In the end, we all had about 3 costumes which we need to change into. That’ll be quite a practice as well. 

It’s been 2 days since then, and today, because we’re so studious, we trudged thru a foot of snow, and held classes. 

It was worth it! I love snow, and the cozy feeling it actually brings! Tomorrow we are at it again! 

It’s been a few days since ending off the last sentence. Things are coming into perspective. Lots of solo work, and group work, which is both challenging and exciting. Next week is our End Of Term, where we show all our work. Because, as fourth years, we are really working on graduation, our end of term showings will not be of real in depth performance-ready material; but we will show a few things. I hope during the Easter break, I will begin to sew my costumes for graduation. That unto itself is also very nourishing and fruitful. It’s a real product of all the sides which eurythmy has to offer. It’s a real wonder! 

Tonight we had our “Edith Sitwell” costume try-on, as well as our soul calendar and another verse by Rudolf Steiner. We can use one white dress for both of them! I’m very happy about that! That only means less work…! The “Still Falls The Rain” (which is the one by Sitwell) will have a dark blue dress as well as a dark blue veil on the back of it, and a red veil like a bib in front. The Steiner verse will have a white dress and a grey veil, while the soul calendar will have a white dress and a gold stole. It’s all very exciting trying things on, and just laughing at how silly we look! Sometimes the dress is way too small, while other times it looks like a sack of potatoes! As of now, we all have about 4-5 dresses to “box” and “hem” for after break is over. I will speak more about that in time to come… but for now, it will be a busy break! We have our end of term coming up…. so practice practice practice till then! 


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